How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

For living in Maputo, almost none. It seems like most people have a functional level of English in the city. However, as you move out of the city, Portuguese becomes more common, and then local African languages dominate when you are away from cities and in the interior of the country. - Feb 2020

You can get by without. - Feb 2019

You can get by without too much, but I speak the language and I think I have had a rich experience getting to know people better and connecting. - Feb 2017

Most people speak a bit of English. Local Portuguese classes/tutors are available and affordable. - Jan 2017

You may not need to know Portuguese but your life will be greatly improved if you do - just to be able to talk to Mozambicans, as many don't speak English. That being said, my husband never learned the language and he survived 2 years but did rely on me to do basically all of the talking! - Jul 2014

You really should learn more than the basic level of Portuguese. Mozambicans will be your best cheerleaders and they love to help you with your language without being mean about it. People speak a lot more English than they do in other Portuguese-speaking countries because Mozambique's neighbors are all English speaking. Many Mozambicans also fled to those same neighbors during the civil war. Many government officials speak very good English but will conduct meetings in Portuguese on principal. - Apr 2014

It helps a lot and breaks the ice trying to show your making an effort. - Oct 2012

The local language always helps, but neighboring South Africa makes English a language that is widely spoken. - Jun 2011

My first language is Portuguese, so I didn't have any problems. But I know that in malls and banks you can find people who speak English. - May 2010

It is very helpful to have some Portuguese. - May 2009

As much as possible; best advice I can give is to learn Portuguese before arriving. - Dec 2008

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