What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

You can employ household help very reasonably. We paid US $350/month for a full-time Empregada (maid,) and this was fairly high. Babas (Nannies,) can be hired for lower amounts and drivers hired for even less than that. None of these are a requirement for life here, but they are commonly employed. Be aware that theft and a lack of attention to detail seem common. We fired our Empregada after 18 months because she destroyed clothes, broke dishes, and simply did not listen. - Feb 2020

I pay about US$130 a month for 3 days a week. - Feb 2019

Readily available and approimately $200-$250/month for full-time maid. Gardeners work usually part-time, and you can usually have them take care of various things like dog-walking if you'd like. - Feb 2017

Typical help includes gardener, dog walker, driver, nanny, maid, and maybe a household manager. Cost depends on service but is generally cheap. Roughly $200 USD/month full-time. - Jan 2017

Widely available. Most hire empregadas (housekeepers) either full-time or part-time. We paid about US$100/month for a part-time empregada (3x/week) and US$250/month for a full-time nanny. - Jul 2014

It is fairly cheap, however, you get what you pay for. The work ethic is poor and the quality of work is also poor. As a result, you will invest a lot of time training someone. Labor laws favor the employee so dismissal is also difficult. There is a legal minimum wage but locals tend not to pay it while working their staff for long hours, so the expectation is that foreign employers will pay a lot more but for less work. Also, expect your employees to regularly ask for "loans" and "advances." Remember too, in December, employees expect a month's bonus. - Apr 2014

Cheap, but quality is tough, as the good ones get hired quickly. If you have the time and want to train them, then you can find a young person that is willing to have a job. I never saw more young men walking around going nowhere than in Maputo. - Oct 2012

In 2011, US$150-200 a month will get you six days a week of excellent help in the house. Gardeners are a bit less, and pool guys (if you're so lucky as to have a pool) are even less still (but they only work a couple hours a week.) - Jun 2011

Plenty and cheap. Not every worker is good, but with some patience you can find decent people. - May 2010

Domestic help is available - nannies, cooks, drivers, cleaners. Each costing between $150-$200 per month. - May 2009

Readily available at a reasonable cost. - Dec 2008

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