Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

I've only used taxis, and they seem generally fine. The RSO has only vetted two taxi agencies, and it is generally impossible to find one of these two companies dependably. I would not use the local buses, chapas (open-backed trucks,) tuk-tuks or myloves (vans.) - Feb 2020

Only supposed to use a few vetted taxis. Most people self drive everywhere. - Feb 2019

Depends on your situation. There are some reputable taxi drivers recommended, but for the most part people use their own cars if they are coming from another country. - Feb 2017

Buses (chapas) are generally not safe. Taxis are safe and affordable. - Jan 2017

Taxis are ok and there actually is a local train that I rode more of a tourist attraction than as a form of transport. But, really, you need a car. - Jul 2014

U.S. Government people cannot use them. Besides, they are terrible. - Apr 2014

Nope. Stay away from them. - Oct 2012

Taxis are not considered safe, nor are local buses. - Jun 2011

You should have the phone number of at least 2 or 3 taxi drivers you trust, which are not too hard to find. - May 2010

Not safe. - May 2009

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