Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Absolutely. Virtually all businesses accept Visa and ATMs are everywhere. In general it seems like they are safe, although it is not uncommon for ATMs to be out of order. Best practice is to only use ATMs within embassy controlled areas but this is often not practical. - Feb 2020

Use credit cards everywhere with no issues. - Feb 2019

We use credit cards and ATMs. - Feb 2017

Credit cards widely accepted and safe to use. - Jan 2017

I didn't experience any problems. - Jul 2014

I rarely used mine. It is predominantly a cash economy. Restrictions on how much foreign currency locals can take out of the country were tightened in 2012 so locals will often offer favorable rates to exchange currency with you directly. - Apr 2014

Don't use it, except in Nelspruit. Maputo for the most part is a cash-n-carry city. - Oct 2012

This is a cash society, and even among places where you might be able to use a credit card, very few of them leave you feeling your information is being well guarded. There are however many ATM machines, including machines inside both the Embassy and the USAID office areas. Not all cards will work in all machines, but odds are you will find one that will work ofr you. In 2011, ATMs here will let you withdraw only about US$100 a transaction. - Jun 2011

There are many, and I was always able to draw money from my US account in local currency. - May 2010

ATMs are readily available and big stores accept credit cards. - May 2009

Accepted at the stores. - Dec 2008

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