Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Certainly. Our son was wheelchair-bound for three months and it severely limited our options. Housing, schools, shopping malls and so on are simply not accessible for people with disabilities. - Feb 2020

Yes. - Feb 2019

To a degree, as sidewalks and ramps are not everywhere if that is necessary. - Feb 2017

Most places are not wheelchair accessible. - Jan 2017

Yes, but it's honestly probably better than most African cities. The proximity to South Africa means there is good medical care very close. - Jul 2014

Yes. Infrastructure is very poor for everyone. - Apr 2014

I wouldn't advise coming here at all. The city has more pot holes and crumbling sidwalks than any war zone I've ever been in. As a previous posting stated, Kruger Park has better roads than the city of Maputo. - Oct 2012

Extreme difficulties. Sidewalks, when present, are in extremely poor condition and make it difficult for even normally abled persons to move about. Frequent electrical outages make elevators (often quite narrow) a dicey proposition. Housing is often vertical. - Jun 2011

Many, as you can imagine. - May 2010

There are many potholes and the sidewalks are often non-existent. It would be very hard for someone with a wheelchair. - May 2009

Not very many accomodations for wheelchairs or people walking with crutches. - Dec 2008

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