Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I think its good for singles and couples and families, but you need to be creative. If you're the type of person who feels like entertainment will come to you, you are likely to be disappointed. - Feb 2020

I think it is good for everyone. - Feb 2019

For along the Indian Ocean and traveling to the beaches or to Kruger Park in South Africa are some things everyone loves. Finding green space for kids to run free usually requires a long weekend trip, but there are some options, including the AISM school grounds after hours. Going to long lunches at some of the restaurants is fun. Not an expert on the nightlife scene, but there is one. - Feb 2017

Probably better for couples or families though singles will be just fine. There's a nightlife and good travel options for singles. There are just more families since Moz is attractive given the cheap childcare. - Jan 2017

It's a good city for everyone but it really depends on what you're into. If you're single, I would really only recommend Maputo if you love late-night drinking and dancing - the nightlife is excellent, but starts REALLY late (past midnight) and so was simply too late for me and my husband to hang. As I mentioned, the travel opportunities are great which can make up for a lack of things to do in Maputo (other than enjoy the nightlife), but I found it difficult to find a good community in Maputo as nearly every weekend everyone was either out of town or sleeping off the previous night. Maputo is a good post for families due to the great weather, affordable household staff, and awesome travel (your kids will think seeing giraffes and elephants in the wild is a totally normal weekend activity!) - Jul 2014

This is a good city for most people. Men (married and single) particularly enjoy Maputo for its very liberal sexual attitudes. Watch your husband/boyfriend like a hawk; Mozambican women are very sexually aggressive and don't really care whether the person is in a relationship or not. Women too, single or not, will be regularly propositioned. The prevailing view is, as a foreigner, you have a lot of disposable income that you are willing to share with a lover. - Apr 2014

It is great for singles and couples and families with young kids; not so great for teens. The group at AISM that is still there throws parties starting at 11 at night all over town. Our kids couldn't understand why we didn't let them go out and stay out 'til the sun came up until one student was stabbed and robbed of his cell phone. And then the East Asian kidnappings started, with grandmothers and kids being held hostage for money. It's not Europe! Crime is everywhere. I knew it was bad, but the lack of common sense in some of these parents is amazing, and we battled for months with our kids on these issues until the bad things started happening. Then folks started to think, and you saw more house parties for the teens. - Oct 2012

If you don't expect too much from a city-- correction: if you expect almost nothing from a city, it's not too bad a place to live. It will seem like you've run through all the good restaurants the first week you're here, and have seen everything in the city by the next week, but if you make your own fun, this is really a quite nice place to live as a single, couple or as a family. - Jun 2011

Mostly yes, though it may get a little boring. - May 2010

Excellent for families as there is the beach and sailing clubs. Much socializing happens around the school. For couples there is a lively jazz music/bar scene and some good restaurants. - May 2009

Yes. - Dec 2008

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