Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of organic, vegetarian and allergy-friendly foods are available, such as organic produce, gluten-free products, meat substitutes for vegetarians, etc?

Few, if any meat, substitution products, tofu, etc. I have not seen gluten-free, but it may be available. Organic processed foods are appearing, but are even more expensive -- I accidently paid US$26 for 6 liters of Organic long life milk. - Mar 2012

Good luck. It is hard enough trying to find meat that doesn't require a jaw workout. For those inclined to be vegetarians, the bicycle chicken and tough beef may well be the final straw. But don't expect to find any alternatives here, unless you are prepared to pay through the nose for it. - Aug 2011

The supply is very limited. Most Senegalese would have no idea what you were asking for. Poverty and hunger are common - they don't worry about organic produce. That said - there are some products at Casino. All produce has to be rinsed in bleach to avoid parasites, food poisoning etc. - Jan 2011

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