Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Muggings are commonplace, especially along the Corniche. Robberies do occur, seemingly with more frequency now. Fortunately, car jackings are rare and most criminals are not armed. While you hear many stories, the crime is not any worse than in most large Western cities. - Jul 2020

Security is rated critical here, so some precautions should be taken. That said, by avoiding certain areas at night, you should be fine. Terrorism seems to be on the rise throughout the region, but the Government of Senegal is aware and is taking steps to counteract that threat. - Dec 2019

Not many. Follow RSO's instructions and you should be ok. - Dec 2018

Always be vigilante, there are always crimes of opportunity. Be aware of your surroundings, I've encountered a lot of nice people here, but you always have to be careful. Don't wear flashy jewelry and don't carry your life around in your bag. Just keep your small cash on you and thats about it. - Dec 2018

I've felt extremely safe in Dakar. With the threat of extremist attacks around West Africa (and the continuing war next door in Mali) there is a fairly high alert level, but the Senegalese seem to be taking it very seriously. You will see "gendarmes" with rifles commonly. - Jun 2017

There are some areas we are not allowed to go during hours of darkness. But otherwise, it's a large city, and so it's important to follow smart suggestions for large cities: don't carry a lot of cash, no flashy jewelry, stay in a group, be mindful, etc. - Apr 2016

No. It's rated critical for crime, but it's probably overrated. There are few violent crimes. You have the usually purse snatching and there have been some houses robbed when the residents left the doors unlocked. - Aug 2015

We always felt very safe in the city, though caution and common sense must be used at all times. Do not leave valuables out in the open in your car, make sure bags are zipped and not easily accessible to others, stay in groups when out after dark. Pick-pocketing is a concern, especially in the markets or downtown where there are larger crowds. - Aug 2014

As in any large city, there are security concerns. People drive poorly. Pedestrians do not look where they are going when you are driving. There is petty theft if you don't pay attention, and jogging on the corniche after 6 pm is dangerous (machete-armed muggers). Household thefts do happen, but mostly if one is careless. Some household thefts target laptops and other things that can be easily sold rather than jewelry or credit cards. - Apr 2014

Not really. I felt as safe here as I did in the small town I grew up in the USA. I would walk home at 2 A.M. in our neighborhood and was never concerned. There have, however, been some robberies on the main road from north to south. There are occasionally some home break-ins, but most of them occur when people are out of town. - Jun 2013

Down south in the Casamance, there are some concerns but nothing in Dakar. There have been protests, especially during the 2012 elections and near the university, but it's rarely more than a few burned tires. - Mar 2013

Recent election-related violence, but contained to certain areas. There are an increasing number of violent robberies along the Cornish near the expat neighborhood of Mermoz. Some house break-ins, purse snatching, etc. Guns are illegal and this really makes a difference. - Mar 2012

Those mosquitoes know there way in anywhere - beware of malaria. With the exception of advice against running on the Corniche when the light is fading or has faded as you could get mugged, there are generally no security concerns, though this is changing. With the general dissatisfaction about extensive power outages, the public are rebelling and this is manifesting into riots and random acts of wanton damage especially by young males. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, your car might be pelted with construction debris or you could be too. - Aug 2011

As stated - there have been robberies at machete point on the Corniche - victims have been Americans and Europeans. Lots of pickpocketing and petty theft - you have to really keep an eye on your belongings and avoid flashy jewelry, purses, Iphones etc. That said - we walked freely through the city and had no problem outside of beggars - Jan 2011

High crime post by US State Department definition is accurate. We have all manner of crime affecting the diplomatic community minus the big three: rapes murders and car-jacking. - Feb 2010

Nothing unusual - be cautious right around the time it gets dark when walking or running. - Feb 2010

Theft. - Jan 2010

Thefts are not unusual. - May 2009

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