Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

I do not have children, but my friends were very pleased with the French and American schools. Families seem to be attracted to Dakar because the schools have such good reputations. - Jul 2020

The international school is the International School of Dakar (ISD). Parents and students alike give it rave reviews. It has a great campus, energized teachers, and a strong curriculum. This is definitely a highlight of Dakar. - Dec 2019

Parents seem to really like ISD. There is the French Lycee which has some embassy families and they seem to like it if the French system is your thing. - Dec 2018

My children attend Dakar International School. This is an excellent school, with a wonderful support system. The ages are prek 3 - 12th grade. IB program is available. They have a website. - Dec 2018

I don't have children, but people rave about the International School of Dakar. As in, I've had multiple co-workers extend their stay in Dakar by several years because they were so pleased with the school. - Jun 2017

We have 3 kids in elementary at the International school of Dakar. Amazing school community, great experience. Plethora of after school activity choices, plenty of opportunities for parental involvement, great staff. We've been really happy with the experience. IB Diploma has been in place now for 3 years, and most students and parents are very happy with the program. - Apr 2016

ISD gets good marks from everyone. A few families send there kids to the French school. There's also a Christian academy (Dakar Academy) but it's a bit of a commute and isn't as popular. - Aug 2015

Many preschools and several upper level schools. Most students went to the International School of Dakar, but some opted for Lycee Jean Mermoz, the French school. Dakar Academy would probably be the only school that could accommodate special needs, as it is much smaller than ISD. - Aug 2014

French system international school (Lycee Jean Mermoz) is quite newly renovated and very large, excellent quality education at reasonable price. If your kid is bilingual/entirely fluent in French, it's a fabulous option. The American system school is quite expensive, and quality varies with the grade of the class and the teachers. Both have excellent facilities. I had one child complete high school at ISD (American School) and while it was good, and she took APs and got college credit, I've been much more impressed with schools elsewhere. There are a few bilingual schools but the quality is not as good except perhaps at the Ecole Actuelle Bilangue which only goes through grade 6. - Apr 2014

90% of embassy families send their kids to ISD (International School of Dakar), and people are generally satisfied there. Some send their kids to Dakar Academy, which is a smaller, christian school with more limited resources. - Jun 2013

The international school (ISD) and Dakar Academy are the main schools used by U.S. Embassy families. There are also French-style private schools. - Oct 2012

The International School of Dakar serves grades Pre-k through grade 12. We have had a very positive experience at ISD. They offer AP courses at the High School level and are moving toward a new IB program in 2013. The new high school is due to open later this year. Many expats also use local bi-lingual schools, as well as Dakar Academy, which also serves children all the way through High School with a Christian perspective. - Mar 2012

ISD is a fantastic international school with excellent teachers and great conditions. Other options are available including the very popular Ecole Actuelle Bilingue (French bilingual school). - Aug 2011

ISD is one of the biggest draws for bidders here. It has an excellent program much like US middle and high school. Well managed with excellent resources. Dakar Academy is primarily a school for mission kids - also nice but not as well funded as ISD. There are also French schools and a lot of parents of younger kids send their kids to them. - Jan 2011

INternational School of Dakar (ISD) is a good school. No major conplaints. Have 2 children who are students at ISD and a spouse working there. Like any school, a lot depends on the teachers. There are some exceptional ones at ISD and some that make you shske your head in frustration. - Feb 2010

ISD, French School, Bilingual School?, Dakar Academy. We chose Dakar Academy (Christian school) based on references from friends who found the elementary academics better and liked the less materialistic, value based education. The school is helping our child catch up on the basics - things that were not taughtsufficiently through an elementary IB program in another country. There is emphasis on community, kindness, and religion. Kids are very happy. It's like a family - they have a Best Bud program matching high schoolers with elementary kids and have pretty good sports. Library is big but some of facilities like soccer field are not as good. They have boarding kids starting in 6th grade. - Feb 2010

Good experience with the Lycée Français (hard to get in if not previously in a French school or a French citizen). They will have brand new premises in September 2010. - Jan 2010

International School of Dakar, Dakar Academy. Our teen-aged children attended for three years. Above US standards. - May 2009

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