Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

The Senegalese people really make the country. Getting to know them and their culture was rewarding. I am a city person, so I really enjoyed the museums, cafes, theaters, and concerts, as well as just exploring various neighborhoods and markets. I also enjoyed visiting Casamance, which is sleepy, but beautiful and interesting. - Jul 2020

Lac Rose, watching some of the off-road rallies over there, vacationing in Saly in a resort, exploring the Bandia safari park, and zip-lining through Eco-adventures are all some of the highlights. Dakar itself is a wonderfully vibrant city with plenty to do and see – just make a point of getting out and seeing it! - Dec 2019

Friendships made are the highlights. It's a nice enough country if you get out. Dakar is what you make it and you have to look deep to see the beauty of the city. - Dec 2018

I haven't really experienced any highlights. - Dec 2018

The beach, the ocean, running at the beach, eating fish at the beach, having coffee at sunrise or cocktails at sunset, dancing on the beach, playing with the dogs at the beach... You get the idea. The Sine-Saloum delta, the Casamance, the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival - there are lots of nice short trips. And Europe, Morocco, and the U.S. are fairly cheap and easy to get to. - Jun 2017

We've loved getting into surfing. - Apr 2016

It's a "make your own fun" kind of post, so we spent many weekends developing new, lifelong friendships. There were countless BBQs, evenings spent at the Embassy owned softball field and playground, and hanging out in Saly (beach town about 1.5 hours away). We drove 11 hours down to see the waterfall and spent a day going through the game park. It was so much fun! - Aug 2014

Bandia Game Reserve. Accrobaobab. Lac Rose. Visits to St. Louis, Sine Saloum, Saly/Mbour, Cap Skirring (Club Med!). If you love the ocean, you can fish and sail or surf. Excellent horseback riding. Tennis. Beauty salons and health spas. - Apr 2014

Meeting new people and trying new things. - Jun 2013

The food, the music and the people who are amazing to work with. - Mar 2013

Trying surfing for the first time. Other than that, not much. I also enjoyed leaving to go to Cape Verde, which was only a 1 hour flight away. - Oct 2012

Seeing Youssou Ndour at his club, witnessing an African election, visiting Goree Island. - Mar 2012

For us the highlight is our cook who prepares amazing Western dishes without direction or a receipe book. The bakeries are great. The resorts in la petite cote south of Dakar can be worth escaping to. Depending on where you go, the locations are beautiful and you don't get hassled by locals trying to get you to buy something. The scrummy mangoes here are fantastic. - Aug 2011

The local restaurants are quite good - but take time to find as there are also bad ones in the mix. Walking out to dinner on a warm, breezy night was very nice indeed. The ferry to Goree Island is a must. Other people took advantage of beaches, sailing, and travel within Senegal - Jan 2011

The beaches and the islands: Ngor and Goree and the restaurants. - Feb 2010

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