Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

The cultural life is excellent, and the standard of living is surprisingly high. There are also good flight connections to Europe and the rest of Africa. - Jul 2020

This is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with direct air links to several cities in Europe and the US, as well as throughout Africa. There are great restaurants and activities in town – it’s a very livable, fun city with great inhabitants. - Dec 2019

French products from the grocery store! Easy access to Europe! Home services: hair, mani/pedis, massages, chicken, vegetables, milk, etc! - Dec 2018

None. - Dec 2018

Dakar is safe, easy to get around, fairly cosmopolitan, has good supermarkets, a major airport, amazing beaches... It's pretty cool. - Jun 2017

You can save some money, although travel out of Senegal is expensive. Weather is amazing 8 months out of the year. People are generally nice and accepting. School is excellent. - Apr 2016

People are friendly. Senegal is known for its hospitality. - Aug 2015

The Senegalese are very kind and welcoming. They make it easy to live in the country and are always very willing to help with things. Groceries were much more expensive than we expected, and gas is pricey, but when you aren't spending money on many outside activities, you could definitely save some money. - Aug 2014

Dakar being a peninsula, you are surrounded by the sea. Weekend get-aways to the nicer coastal beaches are easy (but not cheap!). Fabulous (but expensive) restaurants. Night life. Music. - Apr 2014

Getting to say that you lived in Africa and getting some of the best mangoes for cheap. - Jun 2013

Living right on the ocean. Amazing music scene. Interesting and diverse art scene. Great food (my favorite is mafe poulet). Amazing bread and pastries. Easy travel to Europe and to the U.S. Incredibly kind people. Safe. A culture that prizes hospitality. Warm (okay, hot for a few months a year, but I prefer that to cold). - Mar 2013

Some pretty good restaurants. Great weather 7-8 months each year. - Oct 2012

On the ocean, beautiful sunsets. The Senegalese and very warm and friendly and the weather is picture-perfect from November-June. The music is world-class, but begins in the wee hours of the morning. - Mar 2012

If you like hot weather, Dakar is for you. It is generally a safe city, and so if you like clubbing it is safe enough to go out at 1am when the clubs open. If you like the sea, you can access it but be prepared to deal with the national 'bird' - the ubiquitous black plastic bag, which is everywhere. - Aug 2011

The weather is fantastic 7-8 months a year - literally never rains from November through June and warm, low humid days and breezy nights. Rainy season is a whole different story - very tropical and hot with high humidity. Local plumbing infrastructure is very poor - there is flooding in many areas including expat housing. The Senegalese are friendly and open, they are curious about Americans and generally we felt very safe - though there were a number of high profile muggings/attacks during our time there. You can definitely save money - though groceries are expensive - especially for families with children. Getting things from the US takes time and is usually quite expensive as well. If possible - ship as much as you can (cereal, paper products, canned goods etc) - Jan 2011

The weather is very nice. Culture is fascinating. Senegalese are typically conservative and religious and very hospitable. Exercise is very popular here - with lots of runners, walkers, and some biking. - Feb 2010

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