Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I had some friends in the LGBT community, who seemed happy, but I imagine it would be difficult. Local attitudes are very negative toward the LGBT community and there are occasional violent acts aimed at them. I never quite understood it because Senegalese are generally very open, tolerant and hospitable people. - Jul 2020

The Senegalese, in general, are extremely tolerant. That said, homosexuality is frowned upon, if not outright illegal. But like many Muslim countries, no one will blink an eye at individuals of the same sex holding hands in public, etc. - Dec 2019

If you're a toubab it's fine. However, it's illegal and it's a Muslim country so I think maybe not if you are Senegalese. - Dec 2018

No, its illegal to be gay in this country. This is a Muslim country - Dec 2018

Yes, to a degree. Homosexuality is taboo (and illegal) in Senegal, and there is no local LGBT scene. But Senegal is also an extremely private, conservative country, and "don't ask, don't tell" goes a long way here. I know several LGBT expats who are very happy here. - Jun 2017

It's not where I would suggest to go, as it is illegal in Senegal. That said, we do have some folks associated with the mission who are gay, and they have found a great niche here. - Apr 2016

If you want to put on a speedo and march in a gay pride parade, then no, Senegal is not a good place. But there are gay couples here that make it just fine. - Aug 2015

I cannot comment too much on this. Senegalese do not approve of homosexuality but they are a very open country and I don't know that they would react in a negative way. - Aug 2014

Less so. Homosexuality is illegal here. It exists, but one needs to be discreet. - Apr 2014

It is good in the sense that Senegalese don't really discuss those matters and don't really ask about your personal life, so you can kind of live and let live. There's a large expat gay/lesbian scene but I'm not sure how comfortable many of them are being out to their host country counterparts. There is no physical affection shown in public, but men and women don't do that either. - Mar 2013

The Senegalese are pretty tolerant, although there are no public displays of affection. Senegalese men, however, do hold hands in public. - Mar 2012

It is a Muslim country - albeit very non-militaristic. Homosexuality is known - but not displayed openly. - Jan 2011

Have not heard either way. - Feb 2010

People in Senegal are conservative and religious - but they are also pretty tolerant of people who are different. - Feb 2010

Senegal does not want to recognize homosexuality. That said homo colleagues had no problems at all (as long as you don't kiss in the streets). - Jan 2010

Yes, we have several gay/lesbian friends who have liked it here. - May 2009

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