Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes! - Dec 2018

No. - Dec 2018

Absolutely. - Jun 2017

Yes. - Apr 2016

Yes. It's been a good post. I don't think it's a hidden gem though. - Aug 2015

Definitely. We enjoyed our time at post and would go back again. I think we kept a fairly open mind throughout our tour which helped to keep things in perspective. Yes, the main water supply was out for 3 weeks, but at the end of the day, it wasn't hard for the Embassy community who had round the clock water deliveries. - Aug 2014

Definitely, I will be sorry to go.... - Apr 2014

Not voluntarily. It was a challenging tour that will likely make our adjustment to subsequent tours seem very easy. - Jun 2013

Of course! I wish I was staying longer. - Mar 2013

Not voluntarily. - Oct 2012

I'm glad we had the experience to live in this part of the world, but the "Paris of West Africa" thing is very deceiving, and just not true. This is urban Africa -- very poor, very chaotic at times, a very unattractive city. The dignified spirit of the Senegalese, despite these conditions, is very moving. - Mar 2012

NO. It is too hot and there are no outdoor activitiesunless you want to swim with the national bird (black plastic bag) in polluted seas. - Aug 2011

probably - Jan 2011

Yes. - Feb 2010

Absolutely. - Feb 2010

Yes but 2 years is enough to get the picture. - Jan 2010

Yes, now that the cornice is done and you can move about the City. Before, it was not the place to live. - May 2009

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