Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

I relied on the U.S. Embassy DPO and diplomatic pouch. It was excellent with the exception of a couple of months around the time the new airport opened. Coronavirus probably similarly impacted the service. - Jul 2020

The US Embassy has DPO. Some friends on the local economy use the local postal system, but I wouldn’t ship anything valuable. - Dec 2019

DPO/Pouch. Local post is fine, just more expensive, and non-embassy expats use it. - Dec 2018

We have DPO or pouch. Amazon is pretty quick and usually takes about two weeks. - Dec 2018

DPO or the diplomatic pouch. Local post is available, but customs is a headache. - Jun 2017

Dip pouch and DPO - Apr 2016

DPO and pouch. Quite fast, too. - Aug 2015

Post became a DPO just after we left, so I cannot comment on that. We only had the pouch for the 2 years that we were there, and it was fine. I also received several packages through DHL, though the pick-up process was a pain. We did not mail anything due to the restrictions of outgoing mail through the pouch. - Aug 2014

Not being U.S. Embassy, have to use real mail (which is ok for letters but less so for packages), or UN mail for official dox, or colleagues and friends who travel to mail stuff for us or bring stuff back. - Apr 2014

Pouch. 2 weeks generally. - Jun 2013

Through the diplomatic pouch at the US embassy. - Mar 2013

We can use the Diplomatic Pouch, but it is very difficult otherwise. DHL provides express service but is extremely expensive (US$40 for a three page document to the US) - Mar 2012

We haven't used the local mail system. The pouch takes about two weeks from the U.S. - Aug 2011

Pouch only - no DPO here - a real drag because the pouch has lots of restrictions - Jan 2011

U.S. government system for mail but they don't send out packages. - Feb 2010

Via USG. - May 2009

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