Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. You can find classes in most sports, as well as horseback riding, ballet and music. - Jul 2020

ISD offers several sports and there are activities available in town, such as horse-backing riding, swimming lessons, etc. - Dec 2019

Yes, yoga, ballet, capoeira, surf, and swimming. - Dec 2018

Yes for kids at the ISD. - Dec 2018

The international school offers soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. There are local swimming instructors and an equestrian club. One of the local hotels offers a sports class. Dance classes are available, as are karate, tae kwan do, tennis, fencing, and other sports. Senegalese love their sports, and they love kids. - Apr 2016

Soccer, of course. ISD also has swim teams. There are a couple of after-school surf classes. The instructors pick up kids, take them to the beach, and then bring them back. - Aug 2015

The local school has a great swimming team as well as soccer. There are also two adult softball teams at the Embassy that play other teams. The season starts in October and runs through February. It's a wonderful past-time and a great way to meet other expats in Dakar. - Aug 2014

Schools offer sports teams (particularly ISD the American school) where they travel to other countries to complete against other regional schools in swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc. The French school offers various afterschool activities that run all year long. Surfing, sailing, horseback riding available for kids as well (not school related). Ballet but not modern dance. - Apr 2014

Usually through the school, and there is a soccer club organized by a Brazilian family. - Mar 2012

Limited but you can find them. Soccer is a favourite Senegalese past time. - Aug 2011

Yes - there are programs in soccer and other sports available through the schools and Club Atlantique - generally open to both local and expat kids - Jan 2011

Yes. There are a fair amount of sports and other after-school activities available for kids at ISD. - Feb 2010

Yes - clubs host things for kids - even for non-members and schools. Horseback riding. - Feb 2010

Yes. - Jan 2010

Yes, we played tennis and swam year around. - May 2009

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