Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The U.S. Embassy has a nice gym, and there are a few very nice local gyms and clubs. I used the Buddhatitude Spa at Sea Plaza (affiliated with Buddha Bar). They offer a discount to embassy employees, and the facilities are first-class. They have pools, wet and dry saunas, and good exercise equipment, as well as full spa services. - Jul 2020

The Embassy has a gym. There are some gyms and workout areas in town including Club Olympique. - Dec 2019

Embassy has a small but adequate gym and their pool is great! there is Club Olimpique with private classes and instructors. Plenty of runners all over the place. - Dec 2018

The embassy has a gym for a fee and other gyms in the area for fee. There is no A/C, so the odor can be strong in the summer. - Dec 2018

Everything is available: gyms, pools, yoga, tennis, golf. Moderately priced. - Jun 2017

There is a gym and pool at the embassy. Cost is US$200/year for families plus start up membership fee. The other athletic club frequented by expats is CLub Olympique and pricing depends on what services you use. - Apr 2016

There is a gym at the Embassy you can join through the employee association. - Aug 2015

There is a small gym at the Embassy and the Marines host regular bootcamps. There are also options for yoga and pilates as well as swimming and playing tennis and golf. Club Olympique is in the middle of the city, but I do not know the cost. I have heard it is very pricey though. - Aug 2014

Definitely available. From the "Curves" chain to the ritzy Health Club at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Pricey. - Apr 2014

The new embassy should have a gym. Also, some people join Club Olympique, which is a decent gym club with tennis courts, lap pool, and a variety of exercise classes with very good instructors. - Jun 2013

Yes. There's one main gym (Club Olympique) and lots of smaller gyms all over the city. Lots of other exercise options from yoga to tennis. Lots of running. - Mar 2013

USAID has a nice (by Senegalese standards) gym, but I'm not sure what will happen to it when the NEC opens. - Oct 2012

There are a few private clubs and they are quite expensive. - Mar 2012

The embassy has a very small, dank workout room - which a number of people use. There are gyms - but they tend to be expensive and often not air conditioned. Bring a treadmill and weights if you want to work out - Jan 2011

No, not really. - Feb 2010

Yes. Women and some men wear longer pants when running. In some months - this is also due to the weather. - Feb 2010

Yes, plenty. - Jan 2010

Yes. - May 2009

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