What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

Very few. ISD would have the largest breadth of assistance; Dakar Academy would have the smaller class sizes. I would suggest that families with kids who have special needs think long and hard about coming to Dakar, as it would be a stretch for either school to meet the needs of anyone beyond a very mild situation. I don't think the French Lycee offers any special needs assistance. - Apr 2016

Dakar Academy, a smaller, religious based school, would probably be the only school that could accommodate special needs. - Aug 2014

Both the French and American school have some ability to support special needs kids, but it is fairly limited. - Apr 2014

Some, but there are limited services available. - Mar 2012

ISD tries to assist how they can. I am not aware of other attempts. - Aug 2011

they do their best - but there is no program for special needs kids and the school is very clear on this. In reality they do accommodate these children and try hard to make it work (they have a special ed coordinator for the younger grades and will allow shadow teachers etc) but if the child cannot make it they will act and inform the parents that the child isn't appropriate. Think hard before bringing a special needs kid to W Africa (no child psychiatry, neurology, or availability of stimulant meds). Parents who try and shoehorn problem children into these schools usually end up regretting it. - Jan 2011

There is some - should contact school directly to find out more. - Feb 2010

Both ISD and Dakar Academy have provisions. - May 2009

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