Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Mosquitos are rampant, so you need to use window screens and mosquito nets. Other than that, I didn’t have any problems, but I lived in an apartment building that was well-maintained. Some colleagues who lived in houses had issues with snakes. - Jul 2020

There are bugs. And mosquitos. Dakar is surprisingly dry and windy, so we ended up taking the malaria prophylaxis only during the rainy season. - Dec 2019

Ants and cockroaches; not much you can do about it other than keep things clean and having spray within reach. - Dec 2018

This seems to be the worst here to me. Its summer here 24/7 so you will have mice, roaches, flying huge roaches, water bugs, ants, and centipedes all year long. You do get Lizards and geckos, but let them be, they help to eat the bugs. Just clean and spray, it's kind of like you live with them. Don't have a lot of things on the floor to avoid hiding spaces for rodents and bugs, ants. Do invest in a Dynatrap in each of your rooms, mosquitoes will get in your house no matter how hard you try to keep them out. The Dynatrap has helped tremendously. Vapor Rub will help for the bites. - Dec 2018

The humidity levels are very high, so keeping housing dry is essential to prevent mold. Bring dehumidifiers, they're not available here. - Jun 2017

Mosquitoes, especially in Almadies and Ngor areas. Ants, ants, ants everywhere. Big ones, little ones... some are just annoying, others bite. Roaches are quite large, too. - Apr 2016

Mosquitoes, but it's not that bad. We only started using a net during the time it rains (I hesitate to call it a rainy season, since it's not a lot of rain). - Aug 2015

Mosquitos and malaria are a real concern. You must wear insect repellent when outside, especially during the rainy season. We did not use mosquito nets in our house, but we kept is pretty chilly and did not have any issues. Ants are also an annoyance. Just make sure to stock up on air-tight containers and remember to not leave any food out on the counter and you don't have any trouble. - Aug 2014

Ants, roaches (regular kind and large flying kind). Bring Combat products from the U.S. because you won't find them here. They work well though! - Apr 2014

Lots of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that are everywhere. Pets and children (yes) will also likely pick up ticks. Then there are the mango worms (fly maggots in the skin) , roaches, and a variety of other bugs. - Jun 2013

Malarial mosquitoes. I keep a lot of food in the freezer. - Mar 2013

Lots of bugs. We kept pretty much any unsealed food in the fridge. Mosquitoes are around all year, and malaria is a risk. - Oct 2012

Mosquitoes, palmetto bugs, gekko's, snakes, ants, all kinds of critters. - Mar 2012

Mosquitoes - lots of them. You can't escape them - they are inside and out. - Aug 2011

Mosquitoes are a big problem - they carry malaria and dengue. Although many expats choose not to take antimalarials - this is a mistake. There was a big spike in malaria in Dakar this last year - and there were westerners who died from it. One high profile embassy employee had to be air ambulanced to London where he eventually recovered after several days in the ICU. There are also ants, cockroaches, and in early dry season - crickets (it's like biblical with the crickets!! They are everywhere and deafening at night! bring earplugs!!) - Jan 2011

Mosquitoes but some parts of town are worse than others. Almadies seems to have the worst of it. Fann and Fenetre Mermoz seem to be better. - Feb 2010

Some mosquitoes and a lot of flies. There is one type of fly lays eggs in the ground and can cause little worms in pets.(Be careful of these insects in locally bought fertilizer.) - Feb 2010

Mosquitoes to avoid malaria. More present in Almadies than in Mermoz and depending on seasons. - Jan 2010

Mosquitoes and ants. - May 2009

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