Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

There are nice African baskets, paintings and handicrafts, but many of the items in the tourist markets are from Mali or other West African countries. The Senegalese do not have a tradition of masks. The wax fabrics are beautiful. - Jul 2020

Yes. There are great artisanal markets, and most people leave with lots of wax fabric, large baskets, and artwork. - Dec 2019

Lots of wax fabric and baskets. keep in mind the color in the baskets is plastic and not fabric. There is a bienale as well as an art show every year that gets lots of attention. There is a jazz festival in St Louis. - Dec 2018

Lots of local crafts to buy. - Dec 2018

People go crazy for baskets, fabric, masks, and tapestries. The art is amazing! - Jun 2017

Onions and peanuts. And imported French wine. Trips to visit nearby countries. - Apr 2016

Baskets. Wax, fabric. - Aug 2015

Baskets, wax print fabric, wood carvings, jewelry - Aug 2014

Made to order clothing. Baskets. Bronze statues. Locally made silver jewelry and drums. - Apr 2014

Locally-made baskets, which sell for 20 times their cost in the US. There is the typical Africa stuff, but I think most of it is from China. They have some fun jewelry and art. Local instruments (djembe & Cora) are also very popular and beautiful. - Jun 2013

Art. Recycled art. Fabric. - Mar 2013

Peanuts and baguettes. - Oct 2012

Baskets, jewelry, beautiful wax fabric, African art. - Mar 2012

Baskets, glass art work, butterfly wing artwork (yes art work made from the wings of butterflies who allegedly were already dead!) - Aug 2011

local art (glass paintings) very unique and pretty. In general local artisans have many items for sale. Peanuts! - Jan 2011

Having clothes made here, jewelry, - Feb 2010

Wood or leather items. Custom made clothing. - Jan 2010

Artwork. - May 2009

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