Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Yes. - Apr 2016

Yes. Groceries are the only thing that I would call expensive but with DPO and pouch and consumables you can ship a lot of your staples here. - Aug 2015

I think so, just don't spend too much time at the American stores. It's tempting to go shopping, just as you would at home, but it's going to cost a LOT more money! - Aug 2014

Nope. - Apr 2014

Generally, yes, since there are not many things to spend it on other than overpriced groceries. If you travel outside of Senegal, however, you will pay dearly, as flights are extremely expensive and inconvenient. - Jun 2013

Yes, though it's not the cheapest place. Travel is easy in the region, but it's not cheap. - Mar 2013

Yes. There's not too much to do, so you can splurge once in a while and still put some away. - Oct 2012

Yes, and no. There are not a lot of things to spend money on, but the things you do buy (food, household products, gasoline) are outrageous. - Mar 2012

if you don't go anywhere or do anything, then sure. - Aug 2011

yes - if you have subsidized housing. But its easy to spend here - especially if you have kids. People who ship a lot of stuff from the US were always complaining about money - Jan 2011

Yes. - Feb 2010

Yes. But costs could add up quickly with house help and eating out a lot. - Feb 2010

Yes. - Jan 2010

Not a lot. The cost of living is higher than in DC. - May 2009

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