Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Sandals, sunglasses and sunscreen. - Jul 2020

Sunscreen and salsa. - Dec 2019

Patience, dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifiers, and sense of style! - Dec 2018

Vapo rub!! Great for mosquito bites, takes away the itch!! - Dec 2018

Cooler weather clothing, especially if you want to go to South Africa or Europe for skiing or a winter vacation. Surf gear, and wet suits for when the water is a little cooler. - Apr 2016

PATIENCE! The Senegalese do not rush for anything (meetings, meals, driving, walking, etc). Also, remember to keep a sense of adventure. Dakar is not without it's difficulties, but it's a good city and you will see many things that make you shake your head. At the end of the tour, you will look at the horse-cart fondly. :) - Aug 2014

Sunblock, hats, windbreakers/sweatshirts (cold season), dressy clothes for holidays and dining out or dancing. - Apr 2014

patience, any liquid products that cannot be shipped via pouch, and your ability to adapt. - Jun 2013

Anything you are brand loyal to. - Mar 2013

psychiatrist. - Oct 2012

Sense of humor, camera, bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and flexibility. - Mar 2012

patience - you will need lots. This is West Africa where the heat makes everything gos l o w e r. Don't forget your sun screen too as sun screen is expensive here. - Aug 2011

sunscreen, insect repellent, antimalarial drugs, and pepto bismol - Jan 2011

Peanut butter.....seriously, bring lots of it!!! - Feb 2010

Beach gear, kayak might be nice, bikes - Feb 2010

Patience. - Jan 2010

Humidifiers. It gets very dry. UPSes to support electrical equipment. - May 2009

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