Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Senegalese of all classes are very fashion conscious and well-dressed. For Westerners, business casual is good for most days, but there are times when a suit is required. There are many social events requiring more formal attire. - Jul 2020

Dress at the Embassy is business, like most Embassies, though some folks dress down on Fridays. In town, due to the French influence, most folks dress up when going out. Locals tend to wear wax, a local fabric, which is extremely colorful, and the men wear a traditional formal dress, known as a booboo, on Fridays. As for formal wear, there are Embassy functions, national days, and the Marine Corps Ball, so I’d be ready for that. - Dec 2019

Business or smart casual. Senegalese love to dress well! While you can wear pretty much anything out and about if you are toubab/foreigner, it's a conservative country and they appreciate modesty. - Dec 2018

You can dress pretty American here, shorts, dresses, tank tops, rompers; I brought tons of shoes and wear flip flops or bobs. The roads are pretty dirty and rocky, so don't wear shoes you don't want ruined in one day . - Dec 2018

Business casual at work. Beach attire is common. Though dress overall is fairly conservative. - Jun 2017

Generally, when at school or the field, it's pretty casual. If one is headed to the plateau (downtown) or where it will be predominantly Senegalese, or out to the village, it is generally better to be more conservative (long skirt or pants for women). Dress code at work typically is a suit or a jacket. Most men keep a jacket at work so they can have it regardless what they wore to work that day. - Apr 2016

Business casual at work. Casual in public. - Aug 2015

Business casual to casual. The Senegalese dress VERY nicely on Fridays since this is the day they go to the Mosque. It's so neat to see their beautiful boubous. The women are always very dressed up, even just to go to the store. For around town, shorts and t-shirts are fine, though it's nice to be respectful and cover the shoulders. I haven't seen anyone react negatively to someone's attire though. - Aug 2014

Widely varied. It is a Muslim country but liberal....meaning, maybe kids can get away with shorts but adult women, less so. Plus both Senegalese and French dress very well so if you don't, you'll stick out. - Apr 2014

Business casual. Tie depends on your office. You can wear anything in public, though most Senegalese dress conservatively. - Jun 2013

Business casual at work. Business formal for more formal and public events. You can wear shorts on weekends. - Mar 2013

Pretty casual for everyday -- light weight cottons, sandals. Mmore dressy for official functions. This is a Muslim culture so modesty prevails- knee length shorts and skirts are OK, nothing too revealing. - Mar 2012

Public dress is conservative - this is a Muslim society. Shorts and t-shirts are for exercise or foreigners. Work dress is business neat. - Aug 2011

Dress is pretty casual at the embassy - most of the men do not wear ties every day. Women tend not to show thighs in public - so most Western women don't wear shorts (they tend to wear capri pants and skirts). - Jan 2011

Business to business casual. - Feb 2010

Senegalese dress very well - usually Fridays is a dress up day for them (especially for women) - with very beautiful traditional outfits. - Feb 2010

Simple among expat. Senegalese women are very well dressed (feels over dressed sometimes). - Jan 2010

Tie for men. - May 2009

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