Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

The Institut Francais organizes a lot of events, and many people get involved in a local women’s group and running club. It’s very easy to meet people in Dakar. I made good local and expatriate friends there. - Jul 2020

There are plenty of activities to keep people occupied, from official representational events to movies to water sports. Some people join the Club Olympique, while others create their own groups. For the Embassy, Ebbets Field is the center of all activities: playgrounds for the kids, many activities for the adults, and softball for everyone! - Dec 2019

The American club/association has activities; usually same MO, they rotate between Ebbet's field/pool/atrium. - Dec 2018

Days at the beach, surfing, fishing, dining or hanging out at bars and cafes along the ocean. Shopping, including markets, the farmers' market, art and fashion shows, etc. Dining out, live music venues, dinner parties. There are bars and there is a nightlife scene, very late. Picnics and sports. There really is tons to do. - Jun 2017

Softball is big big big October - February. Otherwise, BBqs and gatherings at our embassy field, Ebbets, CLO is active in planning events and activities. - Apr 2016

Cook-outs at Ebbets Field. Getting together with friends. There's a small music scene but I have not explored it. - Aug 2015

Again, lots of BBQs, gatherings at Ebbets Field, day trips around the city and just outside of town, going out to restaurants, etc. - Aug 2014

Dining out. Going dancing. Listening to music. Entertaining at home. Concerts/films etc at the French Cultural Center. - Apr 2014

House parties, Marine house parties, and restaurants. - Jun 2013

Restaurants. Parties. Music. Nightclubs. Dinner parties. - Mar 2013

Lots of get-togethers in homes. - Oct 2012

Restaurants, live music, The French Cultural Center. A lot of entertaining takes place at home. - Mar 2012

If you like clubbing or the late night music scene, Dakar is for you. - Aug 2011

Restaurants, nightclubs, music, and various cultural events. - Feb 2010

Easy and common. - Jan 2010

If you make the effort. - May 2009

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