What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Teachers, nurses, contractors. EFM jobs at embassy. - Dec 2018

You can work at the embassy or home business. - Dec 2018

There are a number of good jobs, but without fluent professional-level French, you won't get your foot in the door. one of the biggest EFM frustrations, actually. - Apr 2016

I hear some EFMs have trouble finding positions in the Embassy. USAID has a huge presence and they don't have EFM jobs. Yet spouses of USAID employees do compete for EFM jobs. I'd guess there are disproportionately fewer EFM spots in Dakar compared to a similar sized embassy elsewhere. Spouse might get hired by NGOs if the person speaks French. That's about it. - Aug 2015

There were some spouses that tele-commuted for various NGOs and US based companies. I think you have to have approval from the Embassy to work on the local market though. - Aug 2014

Again, some. It depends on your skills and what you're willing to accept as salary. If you want a U.S. or European type of salary, you either have to work for a large hotel or commercial business, or an aid agency/NGO. - Apr 2014

Yes, if you are fluent in French and have experience in foreign aid. Otherwise you will be limited to EFM opportunities at the embassy -- which are actually pretty plentiful. - Jun 2013

They seem to come and go in waves. It's much easier if you speak French. If you don't, you'll mostly be looking at jobs at the U.S. Embassy --- and those can be hit or miss. - Mar 2013

Not on the local economy. Maybe with the U.S. Embassy. If you are a U.S. EFM, you should have an easy time getting an Embassy job. - Oct 2012

Possibly, if you speak French. Lots of NGO's. - Mar 2012

If you are a teacher, then you will have options available to you. - Aug 2011

no. - Jan 2011

None. Jobs exists for expats but few and very poorly paid. - Jan 2010

No. - May 2009

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