Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Varies. Those coming with high expectations are disappointed. Those who develop a good network of friends will find the tour manageable. There are a few who absolutely love it here and those who hate it and curtail. - Jun 2013

High. - Mar 2013

It varies. Lower your expectations and you will start enjoying it sooner. - Oct 2012

Mixed- it takes a lot of effort to find your niche, or carve out a new one. There is very little to do that is easy and accessible, virtually no public gathering space aside from aforementioned beaches, no parks, green space or gardens, it is not by any means a walking city and it is very difficult to ride a bike. Those who do well find a hobby. It is prohibitively expensive to fly out of Dakar due to a large surcharge on every ticket, thus it is not easily affordable for families to see other parts of Africa. - Mar 2012

Two groups - either you hate it and can't wait to leave or you like it. - Aug 2011

Fair to good. - Jan 2011

Overall - good, but not great. It's West Africa and while Senegal is the best thing going in this part of the world, it's still West Africa. - Feb 2010

High - because people are nice and hardworking and there are things to do. - Feb 2010

Fine. - Jan 2010

Improving. Traffic used to be horrible, but this improved in 2008. Now we have a freeway of sorts called a corniche. - May 2009

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