What English-language religious services are available locally?

There is a multi-denominational service at ISD (school), and an LDS service, but I don't know where they meet. - Dec 2018

Alot of people speak English here, but always try and learn French. It's polite to always try, the locals appreciate it. - Dec 2018

Only one inter-denominational church that I'm aware of. - Jun 2017

Non-denominational Christian, LDS, and Catholic services. There is a number of Jewish families, too, but they just get together for holidays and important events. - Apr 2016

There is Catholic mass in English and a few Bible study groups, as well. - Aug 2015

There is an English church service at ISD. - Aug 2014

Yes, ISD has a fairly popular Sunday service in English that many attend. It is non-denominational. There is also an English mass at one of the catholic churches, but is difficult to understand. - Jun 2013

There seem to be a few non-denominational ones as well as at least one Baptist service. - Mar 2013

There's a good non-denominational service called ICF Dakar. There is an African-style English-language Baptist church. There is a Catholic mass in English, but it's African English, and some people have a hard time understanding it. - Oct 2012

Some. ISD has a weekly non-denominational service in English - Mar 2012

There is a Catholic cathedral near the embassy (i think they have one mass in English). Otherwise the majority of the country is Muslim and there are numerous Mosques - Jan 2011

I know about the Catholic, Baptist, and Interdenominational (one at Dakar Academy and one at ISD). - Feb 2010

Not much. - Jan 2010

Not a lot. - May 2009

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