Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Credit cards are safe to use in hypermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and internationally-recognized chain stores, but not recommended in other establishments or in the local markets. It is best to use an ATM that is not on the street because muggings are commonplace, even during the day. - Jul 2020

You can use credit cards at the major grocery store chains and at the Radisson Blu and other major hotels. Most restaurants likely won’t accept them, and local stores certainly don’t. ATMs are not common and I would exercise caution. - Dec 2019

Every now and again I'll use credit cards at the main grocery store or at the American food store. Embassy has an ATM but it breaks down often it seems. - Dec 2018

This is more of a cash-carrying country, just be vigilant when using your card. - Dec 2018

Visa is fairly widely accepted, and ATMs are common. There are some fraud concerns, but they can be managed. - Jun 2017

You can use them at some of the larger grocery stores and at the hotels. We use our ATM card at the embassy instead of cashing checks. - Apr 2016

There's an ATM in the Embassy. I wouldn't any other ATM. Credit cards are rarely accepted outside of the major grocery stores. - Aug 2015

This is a cash based country. You could probably use your Debit/Credit cards at the larger grocery store chains, but everywhere else is cash only. There is a bank at the Embassy and only 2 ATMs are deemed as being safe (at the large hotels). - Aug 2014

ATMS are widely available. Credit cards are accepted in some places, but they have the old fashioned machines that print out your whole number and there is credit card pirating so....skip it if you can. - Apr 2014

Be careful. Some places will accept them, but many people end up getting their cards skimmed. - Jun 2013

I used lots of ATMs and never had problems, but I heard or people having issues with it. Most transactions are done in cash. - Oct 2012

Do not use them. Skimming is a big problem, except at some of the nicer hotels which have safe ATM's next to the front desk. This is a cash economy. - Mar 2012

some people do - but there are stories of numbers being stolen. User beware. We mostly used cash. No street vendors take plastic anyway. - Jan 2011

ATM's are popping up all over and I have yet ti hear of any problems during my tenure. - Feb 2010

It is probably OK - but we avoid using these here. - Feb 2010

I am not using any visa card. - Jan 2010

We never use our credit cards overseas due to having the images stolen twice. - May 2009

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