Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

It would be challenging, but not impossible. Many parts of the city are flat and have good sidewalks, and most newer buildings have elevators. Senegalese people are also remarkably warm and friendly. I’ve seen groups of men help people in wheelchairs that they didn’t even know when stairs were an obstacle. - Jul 2020

There are few sidewalks and, as in most developing countries, resources for people with disabilities are few and far between. The Embassy is the only location I’ve seen with handicap parking, and most places are not wheelchair accessible. - Dec 2019

Yes. - Dec 2018

They do not seem to accommodate. - Dec 2018

Yes, it would be extremely difficult. Nothing is handicapped-accessible. - Jun 2017

It would be extraordinarily difficult for someone in a wheelchair to access most part of the city. The embassy itself is handicap accessible but it stands alone. Sidewalks are uneven, pitted, and sometimes even 1 1/2 feet tall in places. Steps and stairs are almost 100% of the time uneven. - Apr 2016

Yes. Sidewalks are rare and poorly maintained. - Aug 2015

Dakar would be very difficult for someone with disabilities to navigate, however one of our very good friends is in a wheelchair, and she survived just fine in Dakar. There were some places that she was not able to go, due to a lack of sidewalks. It was not always easy but she made it. - Aug 2014

Yes. Most businesses are not handicap-friendly, many buildings have steps and no elevators. Sidewalks are a mess. - Apr 2014

Don't come. When there are sidewalks, the curb is about 18 inches off the road, and you will find yourself constantly climbing up and down them. Elevators are rare and few apartment buildings have them. - Jun 2013

It's not a city set up well for people with disabilities. Lots of buildings with stairs and no elevators. Lots of narrow aisles. - Mar 2013

Too many to name. - Oct 2012

Many -- the vast majority of roads are rutted and unpaved, sidewalks are either non-existent or used to park cars on (especially downtown). There are no ramps, and often no elevators in buildings. - Mar 2012

A lot! The footpaths, if they exist, often end inexplicably with a huge drop to the road. - Aug 2011

A lot. The sidewalks are often broken and in poor repair - and people park on them. There are no handicapped laws/allowances, etc. - Jan 2011

Not sure . . . should look at this carefully. - Feb 2010

Dakar and the entire Senegal is not for disabled. Bad roads and broken or inexisting sidewalks. No ramps or bigger bathrooms. - Jan 2010

Poor roads, homes aren't built for the disabled. - May 2009

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