Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Dakar is a very cosmopolitan city with warm and tolerant people. I have heard that life can be difficult for women in poor, remote villages, but there are many women in business, government, military and the police in the city. Also, relations between Christians and Muslims are excellent. Although there is not a lot of intermarriage, the friendships and bonds are strong. - Jul 2020

This is a male-dominated society, and polygamy is legal. The version of Islam that is practiced is unique to Senegal and is a variation of Sufism, so they tend to be tolerant of other religions. They have a surprisingly large Christmas celebration and decorations every year! - Dec 2019

Not that I have noticed, some people are Muslim, Catholic, Christian, etc. - Dec 2018

Dakar is overwhelmingly Muslim and you need to adapt to that, but the Senegalese are very open and accepting of other religious traditions. There are a variety of religious communities and services available. Gender equality isn't a huge issue in the expat community, though it certainly is among the host community. - Jun 2017

No. Although it is predominantly Muslim here, Senegalese are very accepting for other religious pratices. - Apr 2016

Vast majority of the country is Muslim but there are also Catholics. Everyone gets along. - Aug 2015

No. Senegal is primarily Muslim, but it is such a tolerant and peaceful country. The mosques will even put up Christmas lights in December! You will encounter many local families that have both Muslim and Christian family members. - Aug 2014

Not really. - Apr 2014

If you are white, expect to get ripped off in any type of transaction. Also, taxis will be obnoxious, constantly honking their horn at you and nearly hitting you on the side of the road trying to get a fare. While the country is 90% muslim, they are extremely accepting of other religions and customs. Americans can wear any type of clothing and not be harassed or feel uncomfortable. Women will even be encouraged by natives if they are out running. - Jun 2013

Race: No. Religion: No. It's a majority Muslim population but there's a lot of tolerance. Gender: I haven't had any issues, but I work in public health and am well aware of the many gender issues that do exist here. - Mar 2013

Expats are exploited for every possible penny in any interaction, whether it's meant to be commercial or not. - Oct 2012

Very few that I am aware of. Although predominantly Muslim, there are many Catholics. Sexual harassment rarely, if ever, occurs. White people are referred to a Toubobs and the Senegalese seem to have a positive regard for the U.S. - Mar 2012

Muslims and catholics co-exist without any problems that I am aware of. This is a paternal polygamous society where gender roles are well defined. - Aug 2011

Not that I could see. - Jan 2011

While a Muslim nation, Senegal is incredibly moderate and welcoming of other religious expressions. - Feb 2010

The country is over 90% Moslim - nevertheless, there is a lot of tolerance. - Feb 2010

Very tolerant society for religion. - Jan 2010

No. - May 2009

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