Dakar - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Dakar is great for everyone. It is a big, cosmopolitan city with a beach and excellent cultural and night life. - Jul 2020

This is a great post for everyone. For singles especially, knowing French will open many doors and introduce you to a whole new group of friends. - Dec 2019

Yes for all. - Dec 2018

Good for both. - Dec 2018

Yes for all. Dakar is extremely family-friendly, but also great for couples and singles. - Jun 2017

Excellent for Families and couples. Even singles, as often everyone is included in activities. It is not a post with a huge number of activities and events, unless you like the restaurant/bar scene and then you'd have to be pretty fluent in French for it to be fully enjoyable. - Apr 2016

Great for families. Lots of babies and kids. The Embassy owns a green space (Ebbets Field) that has a big playground and sandlot. Some singles, especially females, seem a little disappointed with dating options. Nightlife exists, if you like the late night dance club scene. Happy hour scene doesn't really exist. - Aug 2015

I think it's a good city for families and singles. There are MANY kids at post right now, so there would be a good expat group to hang with. I think singles also find many things to do around town. Many will go out for the evening together, as do the families (with and without kiddos). - Aug 2014

Good for everyone! - Apr 2014

Some singles really get involved in the expat scene (which is huge) and make a lot of friends and have a good time. If not, they will struggle finding things to do. There is a pretty good club scene if that is your thing, but you will need to stay up most of the night to experience it, since nothing starts until 1 a.m. Couples and families take advantage of some of the good restaurants in town and the sense of community within the mission community. Think lots of house parties and play dates. The French Cultural Center holds concerts regularly that can be attended for a decent price. - Jun 2013

It's a great post for singles. There are lots of singles in the expat community, so there's always something to do --- and there are tons of restaurants and clubs. This is a good post for families, in the sense that it's safe, easy travel to the States and Europe, and there are lots of other families here. That said, I'm not sure there's much for kids to do on weekends (not a lot of parks, for example), and spouses who don't speak French are at a real disadvantage. - Mar 2013

I can speak best for couples without kids since that what I was during my tour. There are lots of restaurants to try, and you can make your own fun on the weekends getting together with friends or trying to find a clean/fun beach, but it can be a struggle to fill up free time. - Oct 2012

It is probably difficult for single people, as there are limited public venues in which to socialize (i.e. bars, cafes...) Most socialization takes place informally and in private homes and school functions, - Mar 2012

NO.Maybe for single males it is good, as there are many late night activities to do here. Though the night clubs and music scene open late, so if you are someone who can go out at 1am then this place is for you!Families with children have very limited entertainment options unless you make them yourself. It is so hot here, that activities are constrained to either air conditioned houses or water activities at a pool. - Aug 2011

Yes and no. Families seem very happy - but there isn't much to do unless you are adventurous and speak good french. Club Atlantique has a nice pool and a lot of families spend weekends there. There are other places to take kids for recreation - but traffic makes things like cycling very sketchy. Singles who want to meet other expats will find them in very short supply. You hear a lot about the club scene - but it really doesn't get going until 1-2 AM and closes at 5 AM - not great hours for anyone with a job. Prostitution is rampant and the Senegalese are very attractive - but this usually just results in trouble for the young men posted here. Many singles feel lonely - but things like the DWG (Dakar Women's Group) make it easier. Senegalese culture is VERY different - so dating the locals usually comes with many barriers (and often unspoken but significant expectations) - Jan 2011

Good for families and singles. - Feb 2010

Yes - Lots to do for everyone and good food. - Feb 2010

Very good city for all since there are lots of disco/restaurants and cheap nannies. But bad for the cultural minds: no cinema (some movies at French cultural center), one theater but programming is excessively weak. - Jan 2010

For families, yes. - May 2009

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