What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

AISV is a good school, especially PK-8. I would think twice about coming here with a high school aged child as options for IEDs and advanced courses are limited compared to the US or larger cities. They do have an IB program. - Oct 2019

There are at least two international schools and some bilingual programs at local schools. - Mar 2017

There is an American school and families seem happy with it. - Mar 2017

Everyone at the embassy seems to use AISV, although there is another school (VIS) available. Lithuanians who use AISV are very well-to-do and drive very expensive cars. The ladies-who-lunch (yummy-mummy) group there is very cliquish. That said, the kids seem happy and are learning. They receive good reports and are tested regularly to U.S. standards. The school is conveniently located regardless of where you live. It's pretty small, though, and they are looking to buy additional property and expand. It seems better suited to younger kids (K-8) but you can complete HS there. - Jun 2013

School-age students attend AISV instead of VIS. AISV has recently introduced the IB program. - Feb 2011

The American School is adequate for children in lower grades, but only acceptable for children in junior high. On the plus side, the school's small size offers children personal attention. But, it can also be limiting. - May 2009

AISV. Terrible cost/benefit ratio. It's a shame the government pays so much for so little with this school. - Nov 2008

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