Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Probably. Buses are not all adapted easily for wheelchairs and the sidewalks are cobblestone or uneven and bumpy and not kept up well. - Sep 2020

Yes. There are plenty of uneven roads and sidewalks. - Oct 2019

Yes, not a lot of accommodation for wheelchairs, narrow and/ or bumpy sidewalks, cobblestone, hilly, stairs. I haven't seen many people out in wheelchairs--it would be a challenge in many buildings. - Mar 2017

Yes. Lots of uneven surfaces, stairs, etc. - Mar 2017

It would be difficult - lots of cobblestones, uneven streets, steps, and there are not many ramps. - Aug 2015

Well, let's see - it's a medieval city with cobblestone streets, that was built on several hills and was under soviet control until the early 1990s. Obviously it's not Washington DC. But even if you have no handicap you have to keep your wits about you once the winter snow and ice start. Able-bodied people fall every day...be careful. - Jun 2013

Sidewalks are unshoveled and often cobblestone or brick and dark. Roads are unplowed. Most buildings are not handicapped accessible. I have yet to notice any accommodations for the blind and have encountered only one deaf person in my time here. - Feb 2011

Thanks to EU regulations, the city is becoming increasingly accessible for disable individuals. But a person with disabilities would still experience problems. For example, many shopping centers now offer disabled parking. But able-bodied people park in these prime spaces, and store security guards do nothing. - May 2009

Lithuania is a relatively flat country, but Vilnius is a fairly hilly city. - Nov 2008

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