Vancouver - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

Just how expensive it really was. We were warned, but the warnings weren't strong enough. We did know about the $10,000 we would spend in the first month or two living here and getting settled. We didn't know that we would have to use up our savings just to survive. We had to put down the deposit on our house and we won't get that back until the end of our 3 years here. So that was $4000 we weren't expecting to be out. We want our kids to do the things offered here that aren't offered in other countries we have been in, but it is breaking the bank. If you have two incomes, you will be fine.

Drugs in the schools are very big here so make sure you talk to your kids about it beforehand. Thankfully it seems to be getting better. - May 2017

Cost of child care can be prohibitively expensive. - Aug 2015

How expensive it would be. That post (Ottawa?) would insist I forfeit my affordable USAA insurance plan and American license to sign on for costly BC auto insurance and licensing when every other country but the US seemed to use dip plates. - Jun 2014


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