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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

The public schools in North and West Vancouver are amazing! They are very much like the public schools in the states and will accommodate special needs. Collingwood is a private school that is a college prep school and is fantastic. They have a KEY program for special needs but they only accept 6 kids per grade level and most kids move up each year in the program. There are many private schools to choose from around here. Most of them have great reputations. - May 2017

There were no true international schools that I know of - the type that cater to the transient expat club. I didn't have personal experience but I did hear A LOT about others' problems with schools on multiple fronts -- finding ones that would even take USG kids, onerous testing, interview and admissions procedures before arrival requiring out of pocket $, and the inability to enroll in the desired public schools without a local address (in other words before you arrive at post). I know that a few families had issues integrating/hazing, believe it or not. I would recommend doing a lot of research as it didn't sound ideal, though I think post has a "preferred" relationship with one of the North Shore schools. Maybe start there. - Jun 2014

I use the private local system. Montessori is popular. Lots of language classes for Asian and Latino children -- to keep up with the mother tongue of the parents. - Mar 2012

There are so many quality public schools to pick from that schooling really depends on where you select housing. - Jun 2010

Kids tend to attend local public or private schools. I don't have kids but haven't heard any complaints from people who do. - Oct 2008

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