Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

We went to an Algerian friend's birthday celebration in the Sahara desert. Standing on the sand dunes under a setting pink sun as a Touareg group danced and fired guns into the sand, and then sitting down to a mutli-course dinner at a perfectly-set table is an experience I'll remember all my life. We also hosted a party at our house with 60 guests and a local band performed music and everyone danced late into the night. - Apr 2021

So far not many, travel to Europe was a highlight but with entry restrictions and closed air space that is gone. - Oct 2020

Weather is very nice. Desert trip in-country worthwile otherwise frequent, short jaunts to Europe are a necessity. - Oct 2020

Easy travel to Europe. Restrictions make in country travel complicated. Lots of people enjoy going to the desert in the winter. - Sep 2019

Travel - Algeria is a beautiful country. I have visited Taghit in the desert, along with Roman ruins in Timgad and beautiful cities. - Mar 2019

Go to the desert. Do not leave Algeria without going to the Sahara. It is unbelievable. - Sep 2016

Go to Oran and Constantine to visit.

Definitely go to the deserts of Taghit or Timmimoun. They are beautiful and untouched. - Jun 2016

There are some nice Roman ruins, but as a USG you need official permission (with a weeks notice) and a police escort whenever you leave the city. They say it's for your protection, but it's more so they can keep an eye on you. - Mar 2014

Trips to Europe. - Oct 2013

The diplomatic community there was small, but very close. And I had the good fortune to meet the local wine broker during my third week there. - Dec 2011

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