Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Very slow internet. - Dec 2021

Slow internet everywhere. - Oct 2021

Internet here is miserable. The speed is quite slow and the entire country is blacked out for about a week during the daytime for exams. The government also often slows down the speed of certain social media websites. You will probably be fine streaming Netflix, but don't expect to multitask and use internet on two devices at the same time. - Aug 2021

Our internet at home is just fine, but we are in the minority. Bad internet is a constant problem at this post. - Apr 2021

One of the worst internet speeds I have experienced, very slow and unreliable; the government often shuts things down. - Oct 2020

There are a variety of speeds available depending on what you can afford. I have mostly reliable internet and pay the lowest price which is approximately US $10 month. - Oct 2020

Internet service is mostly adequate although not always reliable. - Sep 2019

Internet is available but speed is not great. I can stream a TV show (usually). The flip size it is cheap I pay less than 20 USD per month. - Mar 2019

There are supposedly 'higher-speed' packages available in some areas but ultimately we're talking about a country where the Internet often slows to a crawl because it's raining outside. In Embassy housing with rare exceptions your internet will already be in place. This is a country that only got 3G the year before I moved here. - Sep 2016

Yes - kind of. Coverage can be spotty and some houses has weaker internet than others. Cost is relatively cheap ($30 a month I think). You can stream video the majority of the time. Internet speeds slow to a crawl when it rains (makes no sense but it's true). - Jun 2016

Yes, about US$60-70 month. Reasonably reliable, at least in out neighborhood. - Mar 2014

Internet yes, but the price changes every time you ask for the bill. The embassy sets up internet through a local provider, you must use who the embassy has chosen and you must pay the embassy to pay the local internet company. - Oct 2013

Residential DSL is not expensive (circa $30 per month), but not terribly fast. - Dec 2011

No. - Sep 2008

Yes, it's not too expensive. Many companies opened breaking up the monopoly. - May 2008

Yes, but it's unreliable, about US$200 for 6months. - Mar 2008

Yes, it's free for on compound residents. I don't know for off post. - Feb 2008

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