Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Pizza and burgers seem to be the popular choices. Algerian cuisine is kind of dull and boring. - Dec 2021

Not too many restaurants, especially during my time, most places had been closed. - Oct 2021

There are a decent number of good restaurants here serving French-style cuisine and even serve wine. Most of us love eating the Indian/Chinese food options here. A new Mexican place just opened up, which is ok. Really good Syrian food too. I've been ok with the food landscape here otherwise. - Aug 2021

We order excellent Indian food once a week from a place called Taj Mahal. There are not a ton of other good delivery options and it's nearly impossible to explain to drivers who to get to your house, unless you're a pro in darija. There are a handful of fancy restaurants, most of which are located under the big monument. They all have wine, fresh fish, and white tablecloths. There are a trillion snack stands that sell things like sandwiches and French tacos, which are NOT tacos, so don't get too excited. There are a few great fish places near the Algiers port (an area called La Madrage). - Apr 2021

Not a foodie town. Algerian food is very basic, there are some European style restaurants but not worth the price. Burgers and pizza places are at every corner. If you are into food, you will be disappointed. - Oct 2020

There are lots of restaurants but they are expensive for what you get and there are very few good ones. Restaurant going in my experience is not that pleasant, though some claim it's fine. As with everything in Algeria, keep expectations low and you'll do ok. I guess there are a few good Indian places. - Sep 2019

There are restaurants available for just about any taste. - Mar 2019

There are a couple of good Indian restaurants, a really overpriced Italian restaurant, some new burger places that are pretty good (Bad Buns! Chemin Sidi Yahia, look them up!), several acceptable French/modern cuisine restaurants... And a ton of truly mediocre-to-awful restaurants. The take-out guys are earnest but it's often very hard to navigate them to your place unless you have a great head for language and geography. The best thing to do is get 'known' at a place that actually has its act together, because then (if they're good) they'll bend over backward for you as a regular. Skip the fancy expensive places in Didouche Mourad or Riad el-Feth. - Sep 2016

Algerian cuisine is of low quality and lacks flavor. Restaurants are either $3 per person (pizza/schwarma/sandwiches) or $40+ a person with no in between. There are two Indian restaurants (one of which delivers), an Italian restaurants, and several French inspired restaurants that are of good quality. But if you are a gastro freak, lower your expectations -- a below mediocre tourist trap restaurant in Paris would be the best restaurant in Algiers. If you go to a restaurant and have mediocre food, that means that you will be going back there several more times. There is oil in EVERYTHING. Delivery isn't very strong but if you can work something out with a specific place you may be OK. - Jun 2016

There's a gazillion local fast food places all serving the same thing at the same inexpensive prices. There are one or two French restaurant chains, but the rest are all local places. A decent restaurant or two can be found, and then they are U.S. prices. More often than not, the high prices get you less than high quality food. Cuisine is quite unremarkable. - Mar 2014

Very little to none. Price varies you can spend from US$10-$80 per person eating out. And spending more doesn't always mean better food. - Oct 2013

There are few appealing fast food restaurants. The only worthwhile pizza place I found was Woodpecker, in Hydra. Some decent French-style restaurants, and a few very good Indian restaurants, can be found. - Dec 2011

Fast foods: there are lots of pizza places, The Milkbar, The Big Blue. Top End: The Hilton, The Sheraton, Le Dauphin, Auberge du Moulin and Dar Lahlou. All serve much of the same food. Lots of fish, meat and couscous. You pay for it though! Alcohol is readily available at the top end restarants which is a plus. The local beer is good too and the cheapest of course! You won't go home with much change from DA 8000 pp. - Sep 2008

Some international restaurants are available, as well as local restaurants which do not serve alcohol. - May 2008

There are expensive French restaurants, decent schwarma stands and good Indian food. - Mar 2008

There is one of the best Indian restaurants I haver been to called the Maha Raja. It's exquisite. I recommend the butter chicken. They do do take out, but no delivery. - Mar 2008

There is no fast food other than Chwarma (grilled chicken or meat) and Pizza. There are no deliveries but a few decent restaurants that are surprisingly expensive (security permitting). - Feb 2008

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