Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

There is an underground LGBT scene but not mainstream as the country is very conservative. - Dec 2021

I would guess no as it is a very conservative country. - Oct 2021

Considering Algeria is a conservative Muslim country and not Western Europe, I'd say it's still great for LGBT expats as long as you keep your expectations realistic. No, there is no gay pride parade or gay bars, but there is a huge LGBT underground scene compared to many other countries. It seems Algerian society and the government often turns a blind eye to this minority population. Most get togethers are at home or a few cafes. The vast majority of LGBT Algerians tend to be very, very discreet so please respect their privacy when reaching out or involving them in outside activities. - Aug 2021

I would not call is a "good" LGBT city and would point out being gay is illegal in Algeria and the government regularly throws people in jail under a whole host of allegations... never specifically for being gay, but that's what it is. That said, there's a gay scene here. And I can't speak for Algerian society as a whole, but I've found in some Muslim countries, there's a real "don't ask, don't tell" vibe. - Apr 2021

Not recommended. - Oct 2020

There is a community here but it is very discreet. - Sep 2019

It's a pretty intolerant culture. Being a diplomat and gay beats being Algerian and gay, though. - Sep 2016

No but yes. For a muslim Arab country it's not bad. There is a community but it is extremely, extremely discreet. Homosexuality is illegal but not widely prosecuted. - Jun 2016

Homosexuality isn't discussed, so while you can't really be open, you're not persecuted either. It's a "mind your own business" kind of place. - Mar 2014

No. - Oct 2013

Well -- homosexuality is not something widely spoken or or celebrated, but it certainly exists. I would imagine that gay men would have an easier time than gay women. - Dec 2011

Probably not. - Sep 2008

Absolutely not. - May 2008

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