Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No. - Dec 2021

No. - Oct 2021

I think I would, but covid has exacerbated many of the problems above. I'd make sure regular flights to and from Europe are established again, or the MFA gives us more freedom and ease of domestic travel. - Aug 2021

Yes. I might not go so far as to say Algiers is a "hidden gem" (but maybe?) but I would say that you could do a whole lot worse for a 25% differential post. - Apr 2021

No, I would not. Might be a good post for families with young kids as I imagine you are self-sufficient socially. For young couples and singles not much to do. - Oct 2020

No. - Oct 2020

No. - Sep 2019

Yes - absolutely - Mar 2019

Not if I had any better choices. - Sep 2016

Yes . . . but I would never bid on it by free choice. Given post morale past two years and loss of danger pay I would not recommend anyone to bid Algiers. However, different leadership may lead to different results. - Jun 2016

Definitely not. If you want the "North African experience" you've heard about, go to Morocco. - Mar 2014

NO. - Oct 2013

Perhaps, but it would not be tops on my list. - Dec 2011

Definitely! I loved it there. Very romantic place indeed. - Sep 2008

Yes. - May 2008

No. - Mar 2008

I loved the first year here, but with the threat increasing, and with the attitude of the current internal leadership as it is now, I would not bring my family here again. If the Embassy did even the minimum of what they should be doing to accommodate families, I might recommend it for those with very young children who don't need daily social outlets. - Mar 2008

No, I brought my kid with promises of improving security and a school in the works for 2007. Neither of those materialized. - Feb 2008

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