Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

More alcohol. - Dec 2021

More liquids in consumables. - Oct 2021

If you want Asian/Mexican/Indian food items best to bring in consumables as the items here are rare to find and expensive. Same for grains like quinoa (possible to find sometimes but tends to be expensive). Coconut/almond milk; whole wheat or gluten free items. My consumables took a year to arrive, though, so I wish I would have just pouched some of these non-liquid items. Definitely bring as much alcohol as possible. Nothing is really available on the local market unless you're at duty-free and even the commissary struggles to restock with decent priced bottles. - Aug 2021

This is a consumable post and I've filled my consumables with Trader Joes soups, Trader Joes nuts, beer, liquor, body wash, shampoo, conditioner. You can only ship in 8 liters of wine as Algeria is a "wine-producing" country. They do produce some wine (a holdover from all the French-run vineyards during Colonialism), but not much of Algerian wine is very good. - Apr 2021

Beer and wine. - Oct 2020

I came prepared but would ship more wine and beer. - Oct 2020

Ship cooking liquids. Lots of people bring beer, too. - Sep 2019

I wish I had shipped in more Asian and Mexican spices and food. Additionally, pet food and supplies are very expensive in Algiers. For consumables I would focus on liquid items as the Embassy has only diplomatic pouch for mail. - Mar 2019

Bring peanut butter, even the most basic ethnic spices, and baking mixes. Bring beer if you drink it. In your suitcase bring cheese, meats on ice; don't bring bacon because there's always enough floating around the American community! - Sep 2016

Anything western brand named. An ethnic food products (Latin/Asian) are very hard to find.

Things you should ship include:

Latin Foods:
Re-fried Beans
Black beans
Enchilada sauce
Powdered Mixes and Seasoning

Asian Food:
Coconut milk/cream
Hoisin Sauce
Red/green curry
Oyster sauce
Asian noodles

American Food: Bacon/ ham, or other pork products
Barbecue sauce
Canned soups
Canned chopped/diced/whole tomatoes
Maple syrup
Bisques/pancake mix
Cake & Brownie mixes
Side dishes (Betty Crocker potatoes dishes, rice dishes)
Tuna in Water (Tuna in Oil is available)
Domestic Beer varieties (beer is available but choice is limited)
Gluten Free Products
Ginger Ale
Flour (Algerian Flour is of low quality)
Vegetable or Chicken Broth
Anything that would be considered an unusual, rare, or luxury item in the U.S.

Sport Foods:
Protein powers
Gatorade/power aid
Liquid smoke Italian Food:
Bread Crumbs
Tomato Sauce Varieties (sauce available is of low limited quality)
High Quality Olive Oil

You'll also be carrying a lot of stuff back in your suitcase from Europe -- cheese especially. - Jun 2016

Nothing out of the ordinary, just go to Costco before you come and stock up on stuff you like, because other than soft drinks, there few American brands of anything here. Also bring as much alcohol as you like/can, because selection here is limited and more expensive. - Mar 2014

Things to pass the time; liquids since you cannot mail liquids. - Oct 2013

More liquid goods -- cooking sauces and the like. - Dec 2011

Nothing really. - Sep 2008

Furniture, dresses. - May 2008

Baking supplies, kids stuff (diapers). - Mar 2008

Pet supplies, toilet paper, meat-based baby food, diapers, cleaning supplies, wipes, more outdoor toys for kids if you have a yard, Non-perishable pork products as you won't find them here. - Mar 2008

A treadmill. There are not a lot of places to go for a walk around here. - Feb 2008

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