Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Not that many options. - Dec 2021

Embassy gym was very basic. - Oct 2021

The Embassy gym is in poor condition in my opinion. The equipment is older than I am and the gym doesn't have any windows. I would hope a renovation would be prioritized, especially during Covid when all the other gyms are closed. Pre-covid there was a hangar gym that many of us go to for CrossFit. It's not very well-managed but it's affordable. - Aug 2021

The Embassy has a basement gym and it's on par with what I've seen at other embassies. As of the spring of 2021, there's an outdoor Crossfit style gym under construction. There's a basketball court, clay tennis court, and nice pool on the embassy grounds. There's a Crossfit box that is huge, but the trainers are not super skilled. There are a few forests that are popular for people to jog in. I would not recommend women running alone. - Apr 2021

Not many options. Walking is hazardous, so is biking. - Oct 2020

Nothing convenient or up to snuff that I am aware of. There is a small, dingy gym at the office. - Oct 2020

There is a small embassy gym. Some people go to a CrossFit box in one of the city parks but I've heard mixed reviews. - Sep 2019

The Embassy has a small gym. There are also private gym facilities used by the expat community. - Mar 2019

There is a gym, basketball court, tennis court, and swimming pool at the Embassy/CMR (across the street). There are one or two women-only gyms in Algiers that offer classes. Not sure of the cost. - Jun 2016

I am not aware of gyms outside the Embassy. - Mar 2014

The embassy has one, free. - Oct 2013

There are few gyms or workout facilities. That said, the city is very hilly, so if you are a jogger or runner, you may find running in the city very challenging. - Dec 2011

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