Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Mental health issues as this is not an easy post. Health care providers are of low quality. - Dec 2021

I would not risk it in Algeria, most people are medevaced. - Oct 2021

The medical care here is deplorable and nonexistent in my opinion. For even something small that is more than a flu you'll likely be medevaced. If you break a small bone, medevac. The problem here is that doctors often don't have the technology or expertise to diagnose like we do in the US. I once went to a physical therapist to figure out what was wrong with my knee; he massaged my knees and prescribed me bogus meds and told me to take them for two weeks and the problem would go away. And lo and behold, nothing happened. Dentists here are ok and cheap but most doctors here are just not up to par. I've just had to deal with my health issues here for my entire tour because of covid travel disruptions and lack of good doctors here. - Aug 2021

The medical unit at the embassy is basically our "available medical care." It's not recommended that Americans use local medical services. MedEvac is an option, and our MedEvac point is London. - Apr 2021

Low quality medical care, would not go for anything invasive. - Oct 2020

Medevac is used for anything serious that cannot be treated/resolved in the health unit. - Oct 2020

No unusual health concerns, it's a good post in that way. Local medical care is not that good, anything requiring serious attention will need medevac. - Sep 2019

Any medical or dental care beyond the very basics requires medical evacuation to Europe or the US. - Mar 2019

Don't get sick here. If you feel sick get on a plane to France. That said x-rays are cheap and relatively easy. - Sep 2016

Don't use local medical care. Ever. Get on a plane. Get out. The Embassy has a health unit that can handle routine stuff. - Jun 2016

We get medevaced for anything but routine care, if that gives you any idea. (Again, ridiculous considering how rich the country is.) No general health concerns. - Mar 2014

Embassy has a local doctor and an American nurse. - Oct 2013

Medical care is decent, but not great. There are relatively few local health concerns. Sanitation is decent, and there are few if any endemic diseases. - Dec 2011

The medical care was not up to International standards and you were advised to have a full cover insurance that included evacuation if necessary. - Sep 2008

Private clinics are ok, but for seriuos problems going overseas is advised. - May 2008

Care is only okay here; car accidents are a major concern. - Mar 2008

There's a Doctor on staff at the Embassy and a good pediatrician at the Lebanese Embassy. - Mar 2008

Post has a local doctor who is good. I haven't had to visit any off post med centers. - Feb 2008

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