Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

No unusual health concerns, it's a good post in that way. Local medical care is not that good, anything requiring serious attention will need medevac. - Sep 2019

Any medical or dental care beyond the very basics requires medical evacuation to Europe or the US. - Mar 2019

Don't get sick here. If you feel sick get on a plane to France. That said x-rays are cheap and relatively easy. - Sep 2016

Don't use local medical care. Ever. Get on a plane. Get out. The Embassy has a health unit that can handle routine stuff. - Jun 2016

We get medevaced for anything but routine care, if that gives you any idea. (Again, ridiculous considering how rich the country is.) No general health concerns. - Mar 2014

Embassy has a local doctor and an American nurse. - Oct 2013

Medical care is decent, but not great. There are relatively few local health concerns. Sanitation is decent, and there are few if any endemic diseases. - Dec 2011

The medical care was not up to International standards and you were advised to have a full cover insurance that included evacuation if necessary. - Sep 2008

Private clinics are ok, but for seriuos problems going overseas is advised. - May 2008

Care is only okay here; car accidents are a major concern. - Mar 2008

There's a Doctor on staff at the Embassy and a good pediatrician at the Lebanese Embassy. - Mar 2008

Post has a local doctor who is good. I haven't had to visit any off post med centers. - Feb 2008

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