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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Some jobs at the Embassy. - Dec 2021

Plenty of options from what I see. - Oct 2021

Most spouses here work at the embassy and there are a number of good jobs: in the Community Liaison Office (CLO), EPAP positions in several sections, GSO assistant, and the health unit. It's not allowed to work on the economy. Several spouses work remotely, but the bad internet can be an issue for that. - Apr 2021

Some options at the Embassy. - Oct 2020

There are jobs at the embassy, but not on the local market. I think there are a few lucky telecommuters. - Sep 2019

For individuals here with the US Embassy there is no bilateral work agreement so family members can only work at the Embassy. Teleworking is also an option. Local salary is very low. - Mar 2019

Spouses can only work in the Embassy or telework. The Internet unreliability makes teleworking occasionally frustrating. Spouses employed at the Embassy sometimes chafe at their second-class citizen status treatment. Spouses who stay in the home often feel isolated because it's hard to get around and the community is so small. - Sep 2016

Algeria does not have a work agreement of any kind. Your options are telework or working at the embassy. The embassy has some jobs available, but with the massive influx of families with kids, pressure has eased to create EFM jobs. Management has not been great about responding to EFMs desiring employment.

Telecommuting can be difficult because internet/power can be spotty though it has been possible to set up internet workstations at the Embassy community center that are more reliable. - Jun 2016

No, it is against the law for spouses to work here, unless you come in with a specific work permit. - Mar 2014

No you cannot work on the local economy. - Oct 2013

I would imagine not. - Dec 2011

Yes, if you are hired from overseas. - May 2008

Few, the Algerians make it very difficult. - Mar 2008

No. - Feb 2008

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