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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Good quality and affordable. - Dec 2021

Very easy to find decent help. - Oct 2021

Great household help available. The average rate seems to be around $20-30 per day for cleaning and cooking. It has been a blessing to have my helper and they are also great with cats/dogs at times! - Aug 2021

Most people at the Embassy have some household help - cleaning people, gardeners, nannies, etc. We pay our cleaning lady about $25 for the one day a week she's at our house. - Apr 2021

Available and affordable. - Oct 2020

I hear it's pretty good in general, I don't have any. - Sep 2019

Housekeepers and nannies are available locally. I pay my part-time housekeeper the equivalent of about 40 USD per day. The Government of Algeria does not approve visas for TCN to work as household staff. - Mar 2019

This is a touchy area; because of the socialist/petro economy, and social conservatism, there is discrimination against housekeepers etc. For example nannies typically must be home by dark, which is tough on tandem-employed spouses Typical wages for a one-day a week housekeeper who do laundry and/or groceries/cooking on top of cleaning is about $35-40 per visit. - Sep 2016

Household help is available and is fairly cheap. Quality is mixed. Housekeepers are either passed on from Embassy employees or people hire cleaning people at the Embassy. Housekeepers can cook, buy groceries, and do laundry in addition to cleaning. We pay our maid about $30 to come once a week and cook/clean. Nannies are a little tougher given the recent explosion of kids at post (4 kids in fall 2014 to 32 in spring 2016) and a good nanny can be tough to find. - Jun 2016

Inexpensive. We pay our nanny about US$450/month and that's more than we need to. - Mar 2014

Domestic help is widely available, but is all Algerian. Quality can be decent but spotty, and you can expect to pay well for good help. - Dec 2011

Not sure. Wouldn't expect it to cost too much though - Sep 2008

It's difficult to find trustworth domestics but it's very cheap. - May 2008

Domestic help is available, not that good and expensive (US$400 or so per month for a cleaner/cook). - Mar 2008

Good help is available even nanny help has been fabulous. The Americans tend to pay higher than anyone else, so expect to pay around US$300-400 a month. - Mar 2008

Widely available and fairly reasonably priced. Our nanny was US$400/month (and I paid too much I found out later) and maid is 1000dzd (about US$15) per visit. - Feb 2008

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