Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Local Uber service is available. - Dec 2021

Local uber service. - Oct 2021

We aren't allowed to. Yassir is the Algerian version of Uber but it is extremely difficult to work with. You have to explain every time where you live on the phone to the driver; and our housing is never easy to find. I highly recommend just bringing your own car. There is Motorpool available but should not be relied on for everything... - Aug 2021

I don't have much experience with public transportation here. There's a subway, but it's not relevant to where most everyone I know lives. Taxis are okay (although we're not supposed to use random taxis). There's a taxi service that folks at the Embassy use. Most of the Embassy people will use our Embassy Motorpool like a (much more expensive) taxi service, if they're not just driving themselves. - Apr 2021

Local Uber available but very hard to guide them without language. - Oct 2020

Local transportation is substandard and not recommended. - Oct 2020

You can take yassir, a local uber-like service (except you pay in cash). You can take the metro or light rail if you want the experience, but for most expats it's not very practical. - Sep 2019

Only approved taxi is the Yassir company - Mar 2019

Affordable, yes. Safe: the metro is (it just goes in a line along downtown tourist points of interest.) the rest look dodgy (off limits to us) and in taxis, it's not 'full/occupied' unless it's actually got no more room, so a person taking it could suddenly get company. - Sep 2016

Don't take the bus. There are a handful of RSO approved taxis, but all taxis are ride-share things. There is a metro but is away from the Embassy area and only goes a short distance. - Jun 2016

We're not allowed to take buses and only a few pre-approved taxis. We can use the metro, but it's only one line, you can't access it from where we live, and most of the places it goes are uninteresting. It only has a few stops in the downtown area, and those are so close together you don't really need to use it. - Mar 2014

The embassy has 5 approved taxis, buses are not authorized. - Oct 2013

I have no experience here. - Dec 2011

Not sure if they are safe, but they would be affordable. We had our own drivers at all times for security reasons. - Sep 2008

Taxis are affordable. - May 2008

We are not permitted to use public transport. - Mar 2008

We aren't allowed to use them. - Mar 2008

DOS personnel are not permitted to use these. - Feb 2008

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