Algiers - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

People with younger kids seem to be doing better, as they are homebound regardless of restrictions. - Oct 2021

It's a large enough city to offer something for everyone. Families tend to love the post, and singles often do just great (I did). Dating happens here. There are spots you can go and enjoy a nice date. But recognize and accept that culturally things will be very different. - Aug 2021

I know singles who have moved here and found everything from hook-ups to the love of their lives. There are dating apps, just like in the U.S., but there is not a bar scene. I think it would be challenging as a single, but not impossible (owing to the fact that it's a different culture here and people generally live with their parents until they marry). My husband and I don't have kids and our social group is a mix of singles, couples, and families. - Apr 2021

Would not recommend for singles, not much to do or many opportunities to meet people. - Oct 2020

More suited for couples and families, but not for singles. - Oct 2020

It's probably best for couples without kids. For singles...not much of a dating scene and the city is not packed with great options for going out. It works fine for kids too but there aren't a lot of outdoor play options or fun kid activities. - Sep 2019

Good for anyone with a sense of adventure and willingness to appreciate Algeria. - Mar 2019

It's a good city for adaptable people able to make their own fun. If you like going out you're going to have to work hard and speak a language. - Sep 2016

For single people take a good look at your coworkers because that's your dating pool.

For couples your other half should have some work lined up (telework or at the Embassy) otherwise you will go crazy with cabin fever. - Jun 2016

This is a pretty dull city all around - the downtown closes at 6 or 7pm every night. Most entertaining is done in the home. The younger folks say there are a few clubs, although they don't sound thrilled with them, but they do exist. There are no bars as we know them, and most public gathering places are by custom male only. - Mar 2014

Not really, unless you like to sit at home and play games. There is nothing to do, no movie theaters, bowling alleys. - Oct 2013

Living here is fairly dull in general, for couples or singles. There were no families in our embassy with school-age kids when I was there. - Dec 2011

Probably not so great for singles and families. Could be a bit too dangerous. We were there as a couple and entertained each other and had the local Algerians to look after us. - Sep 2008

Can be good for couples and open-minded singles. Most of the wives get bored and decide to leave the country. - May 2008

It's a good city for couples. Singles have a hard time dating and families with kids don't have any outlets for the kids. There are very limited activities even when the security situation isn't so rough. - Mar 2008

For families, the city itself isn't the problem as there would be outlets and activities for children if it were secure. However, the limitations imposed on us because of the security situation, while difficult, wouldn't be half so difficult if the leadership at the Embassy were more responsive to the needs of families. Unfortunately they have not been. In fact, such requests by those of us with families have been dismissed or ignored. - Mar 2008

This is a post with danger pay and it's there for a reason. If you're single and outgoing, there is always something to do with other employees and, when the security situation permits, out in town. Same for a childless couple. I would not recommend this post for people with children. There is no infrastructure for kids, no place to take them, and the security situation is unsettled. - Feb 2008

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