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The #1 phrase I've lived by in Doha has been "if it's working, you're not doing it right."

In the end, Doha lacks a tangible heart and soul. It lacks character, there isn't a vibe or a scene you can attach yourself to. I'm a pretty passionate person, and this city has zero passion that appeals to me and my lifestyle. If you come to Doha expecting a miniature Dubai, you are in for a world of hurt. When taking this post under consideration, remember that Qatar is closer in line with Saudi Arabia than the UAE. It's not all bad, but then it really ain't that good, either. - May 2017

There seem to be 2 types of people here: people who are blissfully happy and apparently ignorant of any negative thing about Qatar, and cynical pessimists who've had a really hard time here and can't wait to leave. As you can probably tell, I'm in the latter category. Almost all women are in the latter category. Pretty much only men with kids and stay-at-home wives are in the former. I actually tried really hard when I first got here to hold off the cynicism (even though in general I am someone more likely to see the negatives). But when you have to drive and deal with daily life here it is just impossible not to get stressed and depressed. You know how people say it's more about the job and the people you work with than about the local conditions? This is the exception. I LOVE my job here, it's fantastic. And almost everyone at the Embassy is great, too. But I've hated it here. Everything here is just too difficult. I have colleagues here who've been to warzones, 25% hardship posts, been evacuated from posts, and they still all say Qatar is the hardest place to transfer to and live in. - Feb 2015

I am sorry the March reviewer had such negative (and often erroneous) things to say. This really is a fine place. It is up and coming and growing pains abound, but it has become "home" for us and we're glad to enjoy two years here. - Apr 2012

This is a hardship posting, everything here is fake and plastic. Medical care is bad. People come here out of sheer desperation. You can see many sad faces counting their days left here. - Mar 2012

There are definitely many worse places you could be posted to. Doha is safe and comfortable, if a bit boring at times. Come here with managed expectations and you will do okay. I recommend sending your spouses/kids home during July and August so they can retain their sanity. - Mar 2012

I think Doha is a real gem. If you find this post on your bid list, don't overlook it. You won't find much by way of cultural sophistication, but you will discover a family-friendly place where you have the time to make your own fun. - Jan 2012

Doha is a lovely city and this is a family friendly, safe place to be. - Dec 2009

If you come here, fight against a tendency that expats have to start to act like the Qataris. Be courteous on the road. - Sep 2008

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