Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Qatar was ranked as the #2 safest country in 2016, just behind Singapore. Even with all that Qatar is lacking, it's certainly a safe place to be. Keep in mind though that this is the Middle East, and we're right in the heart of the lion's den. Don't allow the safety here to lull you into not paying attention to your surroundings. - May 2017

Always best to be alert, vary your routes, etc., but I feel very safe here. Burglaries, muggings, and violent crimes are basically nonexistent. - May 2017

regionally it's not a nice neighborhood. In country, you're more likely to be injured in traffic - May 2015

In terms of crime it's very safe here. There was a small terrorist attack about 10 years ago, and you do have that constant threat looming over you in this region, but it's easy to forget it on a day-to-day basis. The main safety concern is road safety - Doha has one of the highest rates of vehicle accident death in the world. It's a strange combination of Qataris who don't care about traffic rules and expats who come from an assortment of countries with little or no traffic laws, and it doesn't mesh well together. - Feb 2015

This is a very safe place. My children are able to play freely in our compound which is priceless. As a woman, I feel very safe alone in the evening in public places. Criminals are quickly removed from this country and I have no problem with that. - Apr 2012

Not really, getting run over by an Arab is scary, they drive very badly. That being said, Qatar is safer than the USA, where self-appointed neighborhood watch captains kill at will. - Mar 2012

The country has very low crime. Some Qataris leave their cars with the key in the ignition when they go to shop, though I think that would be tempting fate. - Mar 2012

No. Aside from the fact we are neighbors to the "Evil Doers," this is a very safe country to live in. This is a true melting pot of expats and the local Qataris are accepting of this. Criminals are quickly deported, and this keeps the local population on good behavior. The biggest risk here is the poor driving! - Jan 2012

None. Qatar is extremely safe. - Jun 2011

I never felt unsafe, but just keep in mind that you are in the middle east. - Oct 2010

Your usual Middle East terrorism threats against soft targets: schools, housing compounds, shopping malls. Qatari driving is the biggest perceived threat. There are more traffic fatalities in Qatar than anywhere else in the world (The Economist Oct 2009). Petty crime is virtually non-existent. We feel very safe. Excellent RSO. - Dec 2009

The usual in a high threat Middle Eastern city for Americans. However, crimes against individuals, pickpockets, purse snatch, car burglary, are almost non existent. Have not heard of any burglary in the expat compounds. - Sep 2008

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