What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

The American School of Doha (ASD) is considered one of the top-five best American Schools in the world. They are top shelf, though their one knock is they aren't always the best with learning disabilities. - May 2017

Plentiful international schools and many good quality ones are available. The American School of Doha is excellent, and has the waiting list to prove it. - May 2017

many schools, all full. - May 2015

ASD is the main American school here; there are several other options but they fall far behind in quality. ASD is reputably one of the best American schools around the world. - Feb 2015

We love the American School of Doha. My girls are incredibly happy!The teachers are dedicated and innovative. There are myriad after school activities too-- free of charge and late transportation is available. Big thumbs up. - Apr 2012

There are many schools here, some good, but I wouldn't bring my family and kids here, Arab kids are spoiled rotten and will spoil your kids too. - Mar 2012

Everyone raves about the American School here, which is said to have great facilities and dedicated teachers. I was told that children have to meet certain basic standards to enroll in the school, and some USG employees were not able to enroll their kids because they didn't meet the qualifications. - Mar 2012

Our children attend the American School of Doha (ASD) and we love it. The new campus is top-notch and the teachers are incredibly creative and caring. - Jan 2012

There are plenty. American School of Doha and Doha College (British System) come to mind. Qatar is also home to branch campuses of some the world's best universites (Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, UCL, Northwestern, HEC Paris and more to come). - Jun 2011

The American School is good, as are some English schools. - Oct 2010

ASD is fantastic. Beautiful campus. Amazing facilities - but it is very far from all housing communities. Kids spend over an hour each way on the bus. Bidder beware! The school is often not in session, making it impossible to not have childcare if both parents work. All U.S. holidays are given many days off, then add in Ramadan, two weeks for Eid(s), half-Tuesdays every week, and copious amounts of teacher work days. The kids are just never in school. As of this post, the kids have already missed over 7 weeks of school, and it's only December! Further, if you are embassy affiliated, don't assume that your child has guaranteed admission. The school is full, and they are reserving spots for those companies that contribute a lot of money. They have a formula that they go by. If ExxonMobil contributes said amount, then they will allow said amount of kids in. Fair? It seems the Dept of State's contributions to security/land and such is of little concern. Bidder beware. - Dec 2009

There are a lot, but they are all impacted. Unless you have guaranteed admission through your employer, then you will face a waiting list. - Sep 2008

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