What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

As mentioned earlier, you can get to a lot of desirable places with a six-hour plane ride. Greece, Italy, Egypt, Oman, UAE, Germany, France...in fact most all of Europe, Sri Lanka, India, parts of SE Asia - all are reasonable, direct flights with Qatar Airways (a code share with American Airlines BTW).

Other than that, I guess I'd say the food. I've put on a few pounds (as has everyone here), but the restaurant scene, though somewhat limited, is really solid. It's safe here, we've never worried about being mugged or anything like that. And most all of the desired creature comforts are available here - for a price. - May 2017

Safety! And the physical comforts that you can enjoy here. Also Qatar Airways. - May 2017

Absolutely none. It's an expensive (US$15/beer), isolated, hot (130F), barren piece of land with polluted air. - May 2015

Good school, unique culture and people; right now it's a really interesting time to be here since it is developing so quickly. It almost feels like a country caught in two different centuries. Or as the more cynical would say, a third-world country with a first-world facade. - Feb 2015

My children love it here! Safe, great weather eight months of the year, kid-friendly activities, excellent schools, good housing, and easy living. - Apr 2012

None, except saving money. Even the souq (traditional middle east market) is sanitized and westernized. - Mar 2012

No Winter. Easy and cheap to travel in the Arabian Peninsula or to South Asia. Plenty of good middle eastern/Indian food. Interesting sporting and cultural events that come through town during the cooler months , most of which are very cheap because they are subsidized. For example, yesterday I went to a huge Murakami art exhibit, and a couple weeks ago there was a Women's Tennis tournament that brought in the top-ranked players. - Mar 2012

Shhh... don't tell!This is a wonderful place for families with school-aged children! It is very easy to live here: affordable, modern, cheap domestic help, spacious housing, safe, excellent schools, and perfect weather about five months of the year. - Jan 2012

It is an extremely safe place - probably one of the safest in the world. It is also a booming economy, and you can see the country really building itself. - Jun 2011

Travel within the Gulf is cheap via flydubai. Also, travel to India and Sri Lanka is not expensive either. - Oct 2010

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